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Back In The Red!!

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Lumbux, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Hello to you all. Some of you may remember me, I used to have a pair of super sports(750 and a junior) but decided to sell both of them in 2016 and by a Honda. Worst thing I could have done! Bought a Honda for the reliability, what a POS it was. So disheartened with it that I sold it to one of those internet buying company’s. So I’ve been bikeless for a year, until today!! Not picked it up yet (next Saturday) but have bought a 900ss. It has a checkered pass as it’s now registered on a Q plate having been stolen at some point. So it’s registered as a 98 but as some of you keen folks will notice it looks like a 91/2 to me, decals and small breather on the tank. I am a purest but loved both of my white frame/ wheel machines that I owned before so will be putting this one back to how god made it. Photo attached and will post some more next weekend when I pick it up. Will start a tread for the refresh, have been reading the most recent ones with interest, loving the work

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  2. That is awesome, unusual to see non-white frame and wheels with the early tank and white decals. Looking fwd to more photos and thread.
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  3. Welcome back :):upyeah:
  4. hello and welcome back dude!!!! i couldnt live without my ss. great bikes. look forward to the refresh thread and pics:upyeah:
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  5. ck_uk we believe the colours were changed when it was put back on the road. Looks like the frame and wheels have been repainted and the frame stamped with a new serial number. When I paint the frame il rub that area down to see if I can see the old one. I think you used to be able to get a dating certificate through the club. There is there is the chance that the frame was changed, hence the Q plate. Time will tell.
  6. Welcome back!
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  7. Welcome back, lovely bike:upyeah:
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  8. Hi
    I was only reading about your 750/400 last week when i did a search about the 400's, i think the best combo is white frame/wheels, might own one, one day.
    The 400's i see on eBay seem so over priced and have been re-listed time and time again.

    Looking forward to your photos and new thread.
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  9. Welcome back!
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  10. Hi and welcome back.
  11. Good Morning Paul......I knew you wouldn't stay away for too long.


    PS. Earlier fairing, earlier tank.....can't tell if the seat is early or not. None adjustable forks at the top. Can't tell if the swing arm is ally or steel. This will be an interesting project.
  12. Thanks Al, looks like an early seat with the same ally swing arm that was on my last two.
  13. Interesting....that swingarm that was on your other two wasn't the same as mine (from a 93 900) or others that I have seen, so again it must be an early one. I thought yours looked better.
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  14. Welcome, love an SS :upyeah:
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  15. Welcome white framer.
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  16. Does it have its ducati vin number or id it a dvla vin?

    If its on a Q plate it might be worth just picking up a nice frame and v5 on the bay as they haven’t reached bonkers money yet.
  17. Re-welcome back - the oldies still have the look

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  18. Cool styling never goes out of fashion as above^^^:upyeah:.
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  19. Hi. Nice bike and looking forward to your thread.
  20. Welcome Back!
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