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Battery Blues.

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Carr01, May 15, 2020.

  1. Hi,
    For the last few fridays I’ve had to go in to work for an hour or so. (Essential stuff)
    It seems when I start the bike it reluctantly fires up and the battery lights glows.
    After half an hour the light dims and fades away, back to normal.
    The battery was fitted by Ducati Mcr last October as new.
    I’ve checked the voltage across the terminals when both stationary and running, all seems well with the readings.
    I’ve not suffered with constant blowing light bulbs, so does anyone have any idea what’s going on?
    New rectifier time?
    Pointers much appreciated.
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  2. We need some voltages...
    What bike is it?
    Edit - Sorry just see which thread this is in....
    Does this bike have a single Battery light?; on with ignition, that goes out when the bike is running.
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  3. Thanks Sev, sounds like a general one - as Paul sez:- firstly, is it "over" or "under" as far as voltage/current goes while light remains on, secondly, as it fades away, (virtually) rules out serious short-circuit and could be early signs of regulator problem or imminent failure, or it could be corrosion or resistance in alternator and regulator wires and/or connectors, or it could be alternator problems but last one unlikely. Most popular "intermittent glowing light syndrome" for me in the past was due to Mickey Mouse, solid-state cheapy regulator.
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  4. Think I’ll get a new one and simply swop it out,
    Looking online there seems lots around, new and used, but the prices vary so much, any regular, regulator/ rectifier supplier contacts you could recommend?
  5. see what the general consensus is, but it could be worth the extra effort of fitting a Shindengen FH012 or FH020 etc as they run cooler and are a good investment. Downside is matching up connectors and slightly different mounting. I will have a scan for articles re: SS fitment. They are so reliable that fitting s/hand is worth considering but bear in mind there is a copy of this as well.. In fairness to the copies, I don't know if they are good or bad.

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  6. Sorry, none come to mind I could thoroughly recommend - people's reactions to the Electrex Company seem to be mixed, i've used their pick-ups several times and they've been faultless but got a refund for the only Regulator I bought from them as it ran much hotter than the item it replaced despite claims (at the time).
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  7. You’re a good man Chris, thanks for the input.
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  8. My first replacement was an Electrex the light flickered a couple of times about 9 month's after purchase, e-mailed Electrex and got no reply it completely failed soon after the 12 month warranty, e-mailed again with no reply. Fitted a Shindengen Mosfet FH020 8 years ago with no problems since.
    The wiring is straight forward.
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  9. Mine had an Electrex RR51 fitted when I got the bike in 2009, I sold the bike in 2016.

    Never had any problem with the reg/rec, although I did rewire it to a better standard than it was when I got it.

    If I had needed to change it I would have fitted a Shindengen as Chris suggests.

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  10. Id also go with a MOSFET Shindengen, had one for a few years now.
  11. A mate of mine spent a small fortune customising his SS in the early 90s.
    He also revised the location of the Electrex reg/rec.
    He rewired it so it was in the box of the single seat so air could get to it, but not water etc.
    He also fitted the finned part of a dead Ducati reg/rec on the back of it to help with cooling.
    Seemed to work fine.
    A year after he finished the bike, he got badly sideswiped by some moron in a Transit van and the bike was written off.
    My mate got a broken pelvis, gave up biking. Died in 2013.
  12. Both an informative and sad tale.
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  13. As Chris said.... check all the connectors and wires.... look for signs of overheating.
  14. Just Chris..... :rolleyes::yum
  15. Chris contributed to this thread 4 times to your 3. :eyes: ;)
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  16. Better in fours... ok... got it.... next time I'll just ignore the thread.... no I won't.
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  17. I’ve decided to replace the reg/rec there’s plenty around seemingly, before I take the plunge could anyone help with a part number or reference of some kind
    Don’t want to order the wrong part.
    Thanks in advance.
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