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Bent Rear Brake Lever - What's A Straight One Look Like?

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by mileypau, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Hi all

    Bit of metal ground interface issue.

    Popped it off to straighten....thing is what is designed bend and what have I done?

    Seems to have three bends in it

    Rough idea of unbent one would help. Even a pic on the bike

  2. Just put the car away so can’t get at the new brake lever I’m going to fit to her Diavel tomorrow. I’ll post a picture for you in the morning. Andy
  3. As a rule, the foot joggler should always be parallel to the pivot shaft.

    Please forgive the overly technical terminology, the layman's terms are not available at the time of writing

    Warming warning: Severe risk of bendage snap without heat apply, outstandifold in the wettigrippers!
  4. Thanks guys

    brilliant - 90% certain it's all bent at the end by the the foot joggler. And 100% certain it will snap off when I go to straighten it.

    I chickened out and refitted it for the MOT - and passed. Figured no lever worse than a bent one....

    Will give it a warm up and try to gently persuade it back in line. or buy rear sets.

    Great handling bikes.......
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  5. Andy - take it you've done the same as me?
    I'm heading for new exhaust at this rate too.....
  6. Far be it for me to tell tales but my girlfriend had a zero mph step off outside the house. Being little, about 5'5" and 9 stone wringing wet, she wasn't able to hold it and I wasn't quick enough to catch her. No injury, just pride. I managed to bend the brake lever back using a hot air gun but after nearly 9 years, the whole rear brake mechanism (lever, master cylinder actuator rod fork end and pivot pin/clip) has worn to buggery, so I'm replacing the lot. Andy
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  7. I ground and bent my foot joggler at the Ducati track day last year.

    Took about a month to get around to having a go to straighten it. Left it fitted to the bike, removed the rubber bit, warmed it with a heat gun and tried to gently coax it back to shape .... no chance it was moving. Graduated to more and more increased levels of abuse and force.

    Ended up warming it to a point you could not touch it, large ring spanner, with the ring and the metal of the foot joggler and plenty of force. It moved and was fine afterwards.

    It will take quite a bit of force without snapping, give it a try, you will be surprised.
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