Best Bike For £7.5k

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by NHM, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. If I wanted to spend about £7.5k, what would be the best bike foor my money?

    Bikes that I like the look of:

    Panigale :)
    Guzzi Le Mans Mk 2
    Guzzi V7 racer
    Thruxton R
    Lots of cafe racer projects
    80's retro
    ... I'm sure you get the idea...
  2. 1198
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  3. Ok, I'll bite :)

    When you find the Panigale, MHR or Thruxton R for £7.5k. Let me know. ;)
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  4. a 749 and a carby ss.. Both may need a lil work but if ya lucky you could get pretty tidy examples and have 2 lovely bikes to enjoy!
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  5. perhaps he means deposit on a pani ect...
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  6. Ah.....that makes sense.
  7. Ducati Scrambler
    XJR 1300
    Honda Blackbird plus change
  8. My 1198S that will be for sale very soon.
  9. Most of those bikes and given your variation, suggests it's just a toy and for fun bike, also as pointed out, some of the bikes you've listed cannot be bought for £7,500

    What makes you think you want a bike and for what purpose?
  10. Bloody hell, Paxman has nothing on you @noobie :)
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  11. What are your reasons (as noobie asked)?
    Garage Queen
    Summer Sundays
    You like tinkering with engines
    Falling off
    Neighbour's got a trike
    Wife left for one of my mates
    Mid-life crisis
    Mental aberration
    Unrequited lust

    you get the gist....:p
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  12. Hmmm, any of the bottom 6 would have me suggesting that the bloke is put on suicide watch Ron. :worried: And who buys a bike because they want to "Fall Off"? :astonished:

    However, what's more worrying is of all of the reasons you list for wanting a motorbike. "To ride a motorbike" isn't there. Seek help! :laughing:
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  13. What he said. 1198.
  15. I've seen 899 Panigales go for low £8ks. £7.5k is a little ambitious but give it a few months and it may be possible
  16. You could get a 998 for around that money, fantastic engine, classic beautiful styling and well within the realms of servicing at home by you good self. Unless of course you are looking for non Ducati.
  17. OK - I'm sorry. A bit rude of me to start the thread and then have to disappear.

    My bike at the moment is a 2002 900ssie - it's really a joy to own and ride, but I feel that it's not quite special enough, and I can afford to spend more. Of course I do realise that stuff on my list isn't in this price bracket - it was really just to set the scene (unless someone out there has a MHR that's wasting away in their garage and they need to almost give it away...)

    What are my reasons? Well, I suppose it's mostly summer rides out and I do like tinkering. I'm a competent mechanic and I've enjoyed working on the SS. when I posted this thread I really just wanted a bit of inspiration, I suppose. I don't want to commute on it, and I don't want something just to look at. It'd be nice to have a bike that would appreciate in value whilst I was enjoying it, but we'd all say that, wouldn't we? I'd like it to be a Ducati, but I'm not going to die in a ditch over it...
  18. Kawasaki Z1. Kawasaki H2 750. LC Yamaha's, RG/RGV ? All on the rise, all tinkerable, all readily available ??
  19. Z1 - always did like the old Kwackers. Never had a 2-stroke though...
  20. Gs Thou S, Z1R, both great bikes also :upyeah: