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Beware Of Diplomats

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by shavensac, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. How does a 19 year old lad get killed on his motorbike in the UK by an American diplomats wife then the whole family fucks back off to the USA to never face justice
    One rule for the rich and powerful another for the rest of us
    some diplomacy
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  2. I suspect that pressure will be on that family to co-operate with UK authorities
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  3. Thus has it always been. The two American airmen that brought down a cable car in Italy some years ago were whisked back to America and never faced justice in Italy.
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  4. Read this yesterday. Utterly above the law, anywhere. Don’t understand why: what is the reason they get this immunity? Riggs had the right idea....
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  5. Even worse that this happens within the so called "Special relationship". I expect dodgy countries to have unscrupulous so called Diplomats to escape justice but when the wife of an American Diplomat kills a biker in a UK road accident, I expect better.

    Immunity can be waived by the country of the citizen. Maybe the BFO will intervene and do the right thing?

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  6. Can clearly imagine how it would work the other way around. Same shit, different day though...
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  7. Thread moved
  8. It was the same for PC Yvonne Fletcher

    gun left the U.K. in a diplomatic bag
  9. Pressure will build for sure now but how can she just fuck off? If that was anyone I knew I would be disgusted luckily I doubt I have dealings with or am close to anyone who wouldn’t do the right thing

    The woman is vile but as above now nowhere to hide run but cannot hide springs to mind maybe guilt will come through
  10. She seems to have been advised to leave rather than do that of her own will. She has killed a kid, albeit it seems by accident but I doubt these are the events diplomatic immunity were created for.

    It will test the "special relationship" and even if politicians let it pass , it will do damage to that relationship and even more so to the area where this base is, as locals will feel quite rightly, that children can be killed by Americans and get away with it.
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  11. Just like in Japan where the American bases are a huge source of contention.
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  12. This is the standard modus operandi of the americunts. From rapes & murders by military & contractors abroad to occasional diplomats doing the same. They 'escape' punishment & never return to that country. Quite sad but nothing new for a nation who have tried to create Planet America'
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  13. I understand you have some resentment towards the American regime. I have a few reservations about some of the regimes actions myself. But do you have to be so rude about an entire nation? There are many of us here that have American family & friends to say nothing of the American forum members.
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  14. The Diplomat's wife was able to leave the country under the Immunity conventions that exist. She didn't "skip", she was entitled to avoid arrest and prosecution.

    Very unsatisfactory state of affairs. "Diplomatic immunity" is a very, very blunt instrument - I understand its purpose but I think that they way it is implemented is inappropriate in cases where the "infraction" is purely criminal rather than political in nature.

    The problem is what one country's authorities consider "purely political" another might deem "criminal" - hence the blanket overage that diplomatic immunity provides. In practice, immunity must be all, or nothing.

    Sad, tragic loss of life.
  15. i really dont get it. It is a tragic accident yes brought about by what could be described as a momentary lapse ie US women drives out of base on wrong side of the road less than half a mile and the tragic death of a young lad.

    In the hard light of day, we are looking at, what death by careless? Given her undoubted clean history i dont see it more than a court case, plead guilty, fine and disqualification from driving in the UK. I dont see prison. A process that probably happens most days of the year in the UK.

    I think she has been totally misadvised. Do the right thing woman, come back, sincerely apologise, face the due process, and give closure to the family so everyone can move on.
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  16. Whilst married to an American and with my years in the states, I have to say I have known many more bad Brits than Americans

    Now if you meant American governments, whilst we Brits are hardly a guiding light (including our colonial past), I can see some of your points Gunz but my experience of Americans has been largely positive.
  17. I would agree, it's likely to be a suspended sentence, even more so given the dignity and manner of the parents of the boy who are seeking closure rather than revenge
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  18. Grow a thicker skin or block my posts. I have 20+ family members in usa'

    Everyone should be educating themselves how for 40+ years usa_fascistland has been creating/funding/arming terrorist groups. Now they are doing the same on the edge of europe. You garner offense from my own created word but prehaps not from the disclosure of wikileaks or other organizations showing USA war-crimes. :zzz:

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