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Bicycle Photos Just For The Lovers Not Haters :)

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by DucatiScud, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. One of my favourites owned for 20 years

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  2. Road going item, nothing flash. Cycles are a whole other level of madness in cost and obsession
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  3. They are, my buddy had 3 high end Colnago’s at 1 time. He’s settled down now has just a Tuono, Panigale and a Scalpel.
  4. that seat looks fucken painfull!!!! i have a "comfort" seat on my push bike and wore padded lycra (under my jeans) yesterday for my lil ride and my arse cheeks are not happy at all today....
  5. IMG_20200407_192102.jpg
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  6. n+1
    The MTBs:


    XC: (covered in cow shit!)

    pub: former xc bike which handled some big trails but it was bloody hard work, now a bit Frankenstein: carbon forks, larger chainset, and now sporting a dropper post to allow some clearance for the spuds. (paving slabs also now clean)
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  7. @DucatiScud internal cable routing: that was way ahead of it's time, and loving those forks too.. very cool! it's amazing how much the geometry has changed.
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  8. Nice bikes, when looking after so many years of not looking, amazed how things had moved forward in terms of tech and type
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  9. Yeah back then it was about cross country seems now it’s more gnarly man made trails. Liking your sussers need to buy an enduro for my lad for the local to me trails.
  10. Must be 15 years old - Hayes brakes have an interesting design flaw where the rubber bung pops out randomly and your first sign of brake failure is hydraulic fluid on your hand :(
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  11. 4ABBEF05-A6D1-4653-8975-4E1B9D204DB5.jpeg
    She’s a beauty!
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  12. ^ I like the fuck-off rear disc brake. :upyeah:
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  13. What a load of rubbish. None of them have engines.

    Thread closed :)
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  14. nor does a virus?? :)
  15. Santa Cruz.jpg
    XT 1x11 just fitted - superb! Takes an absolute hammering and get out 3 times a week at the moment.
    Santa Cruz on Thames.jpg
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  16. I’ve had my old Yeti for over twenty years but junior seems to have taken a fancy to it now. The elastomers in the forks turned to dust long ago but he doesn’t seem to mind.

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  17. @Wassy nice old school MTB, grip shifts, Maguras and bar ends. Are they Ground Control gumwalls too?
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  18. one of my bicycles DSC_1987.jpg
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