Featured Biggest Project So Far - Mclaren 600lt

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by rob lewis, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Mclaren 600Lt - arrived under covered transporter direct from dealer - Over 2 full weeks of 12-14 hour days on this vehicle alone ( 2 of us )....over 100 hours of machine correction to get the paint absolutely faultless.....vehicle is a one off with carbon all over and carbon Senna seats. Vehicle was then placed into surgery and we applied the Ultimate self healing film to the vehicle XPEL ULTIMATE.....this one nearly killed me.....then the F12 arrived! Enjoy peeps!













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  2. Wow:eek:...........that is one very,very expensive blow job;)
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  3. Awesome.....How clean is your home??
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  4. VERY....I'm OCD to the extreme....much to the dismay of the Mrs....drives her mental!!!:joy::joy::joy:
  5. I'd be worried driving the Mclaren round here. The local scrotes would think its funny to stick stuff down the two exhaust holes on the back ontop. I'd be firing tins of red bull out trying to see how far they go without even knowing

    Two beauties again Rob. Closest I got to detailing last week was an old t shirt soaked in white vinegar and removing limescale from the kitchen sink. sigh
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  6. You are too funny......I'm so very lucky to work on such vehicles.....my standards are extremely high TBH.....its a curse sometimes buddy.....
  7. Beautiful!
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  8. Love the F12. Not mad keen on Mclaren's
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  9. Is that destined for McLaren LEEDS then. Love it .
  10. Fantastic work
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  11. Blasphemes.

    Got any more shots of that garage/workshop.
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  12. That looks incredible, depth of finish and shine is beyond perfect. How poor was the general finish on the 600LT to require 2 weeks correction work? Is this usual for McL cars?
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  13. No buddy....its off over the hill to Manchester!
  14. Yep paintwork was terrible....sanding marks from factory galore......all carbon which there was a lot of required a huge amount of correction to get to faultless....I'd say this vehicle paint was 99.9% perfection....but it nearly killed us!.....and yes it is usual for vehicles of this calibre to require so much intensive machine work if the owner wants or is looking for pure perfection....
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  15. IMG_2268.jpeg
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  16. Awesome workshop, I'd get sunburn with all them lights!
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  17. We have so many at different temperature ratings this is why we can see every defect possible in paint.....but its also a curse as we can see everything.....lol
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  18. Wow, would have thought the finish should be flawless from the factory. Bet the client is blown away with the end result. Nice job
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  19. You might be doing a lot more of them, judging by the building work going on right next to the cars out in the open at mclaren Leeds!. All that building grit and dust, i can’t believe they haven’t covered them up!
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