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Bike Number 2

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by ibgarrow, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Having acquired my Panigale, I now fall into the “get another bike” trap. First failure was to buy a KTM 950 Adventure. Nice bike but far too heavy, so now I’ll move that on and am on the hunt for something:
    Smaller & lighter
    Light off-road capable (I have to ride across fields to reach the road) but not intending to do any off-roading in earnest)
    KTM 390s are budget friendly, but seem too weedy.
    Looking at KTM 640/690s
    Ducati Hypermotard/Strada would be nice, but out of budget (<£5K)
    I’m ruling out supermoto/enduros under 600cc as they seem to need attention at short intervals
    Any advice/views?
  2. Desert Sled?
  3. Others tell me the suspension is less than it could be…I’d like to keep to Ducati, tho’
    Seems a bit heavy too.
  4. After acquiring a 1299, I'm thinking should I buy a GSX-R1000R as well.
  5. I'm intrigued that you've only access through open fields.:thinkingface:
  6. KTM 690 is a great choice

    Lyndon Poskitt's weapon of choice, whether its for his several Paris Dakar races, or his Races to Places series

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  7. People say a lot of silly things about Scrambler. Give one a ride, they’re great.
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  8. Bucci, fits into budget
  9. This ^^^
  10. KTM690 the best fun bike around and if you can ride it well nothing is coming past you on the twisties up to 120mph.......... Many have tried
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  11. Fantic Caballero 500?.
  12. I’m limited by storage. No garage as such, and the Panigale takes the best place. Only cover left is down past the orchard in the field, which means either riding/pushing it uphill across the orchard grass around the trees and through gates, or across the field and down a green lane.
    I did this with the MV F4 750 on road tyres and had a hell of a job with nil grip on grass.
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  13. What are service intervals like? Are they measured in hours?
  14. Bucci?
  15. Look at similar style Japanese brands.
  16. That sounds like a idyllic location with apple blossom etc.
  17. Thankfully a bit quicker than the Caballero 50 I used to ride in the 70s.....:worried:
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  18. Bucci mate !

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  19. I would go here: KTM 640/690s

    I have a few ducatis, and then a couple of years ago thought to try a different direction, bought a KTM 990. Amazing bike, but as you say far too heavy. If I did it again I would go 690...
    #19 The Royal Maharaja, Oct 14, 2021
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  20. Until I have to mow the darn acreage!
    True. I look south over England’s premier salmon river Tyne, on the other side I see an historic fortified farmhouse and watch sparrow hawks and buzzards hunt. Nice.
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