Bikesafe Takes Delivery Of Ten Ducati Multistrada 1200

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  1. BikeSafe takes delivery of ten Ducati Multistrada 1200 as it joins forces with the RAF to improve service personnel motorcycle training.

    • BikeSafe take delivery of ten Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycles
    • Highways England support BikeSafe with funding
    • BikeSafe provide RAF personnel with training

    RAF Brize Norton was the location for the official handover of ten Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycles to BikeSafe, a police led initiative to reduce the number of motorcyclists involved in accidents on the road by improving skills, knowledge and hazard awareness. The location was also chosen to highlight BikeSafe’s partnership with the RAF that will involve the police putting an estimated 2,500 motorcycle riding RAF personnel through the workshops.

    The Multistrada 1200 was chosen by BikeSafe after an extensive evaluation process and deemed to be the most suitable motorcycle to assist the various forces throughout the UK to deliver the BikeSafe workshops, feature at shows, events and bike meets.

    The purchase of the bikes is funded by Highways England, which is responsible for 4000 miles of England’s motorways and major A routes. Highways England has seen the results and benefits of the BikeSafe project and sees improving rider skills as one way of achieving its aims to reduce rider casualties on its road network.

    Ducati UK along with the motorcycle industry has been an important supporter to the BikeSafe project regularly loaning its bikes to them in police livery for use at shows, race meetings and bike meets. Ducati motorcycles that BikeSafe have used in the past has included, a 1299 Panigale, a Scrambler, a Diavel and for this year the new SuperSport.

    Assistant Chief Constable Nick Adderley the National Police Chiefs Council lead for BikeSafe said “We are delighted by the recognition and direct support that BikeSafe has received from Highways England, a national body that is working in partnership with BikeSafe to reduce motorcycle casualties. This has enabled BikeSafe to purchase this fantastic fleet of Ducati motorcycles.,These exciting and dynamically engaging bikes will be used for BikeSafe engagement and education of motorcyclists across the country, as well as keeping our service personnel safe through our partnership with the RAF.”

    BikeSafe is a police led motorcycle project that is run by most forces throughout the UK. The main aim is to reduce the number of bikers being hurt on the roads by improving skills, knowledge and hazard awareness it will hopefully make riding safer and more enjoyable.
    The BikeSafe workshop explores the main riding hazards that a biker faces. By delivering theory presentations and observed rides, a BikeSafe workshop will help discover rider’s strengths and weaknesses and also where to go next to continue that development. BikeSafe is about starting on the right path to development as it “Bridges the Gap”. Riders should continue to train throughout their riding years and not just stop once they have passed their bike test.
  2. I wonder how long this initiative will survive as funding is withdrawn from the overall police budget to maintain class 1 police motorcycle training. IAM Roadsmart is already suffering from a shortage of serving officer examiners. If anyone gets the chance to do Bikesafe, take it, it's a good day out. Andy
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  3. IAM is growing & should actually gift a payment to the off-duty officiers who do cover the test. Currently they get nothing for there time other than a coffee at the end of the ride usually from the examinee.
  4. IAM would like you to believe that they are growing but in trying to appeal to a wider audience, I have heard quite vocal criticism that the standard is being dumbed down. Current idea being pushed for the motorcycle test is for self assessment in group followed by 2 assessed rides by an out of area IAM affiliated group. I also see that the car driving test is to be "updated" later this year. No longer required to turn the vehicle in the width of the road using forward and reverse gears but must be able to follow the directions of a satnav for 20 minutes. Andy
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  5. If they fund this through speeding fines I think I just made a contribution on the A47
  6. Ooops, doesn't sound good. Fingers crossed. Andy
  7. I deliver Bikesafe to riders in and around London as part of the Mets dedicated Bikesafe team and get to use the Multistrada on occasions for the observed rides. I was extremely impressed by its versatility and comfort for day long riding.
    We had a presentation by the head of IAM Membership recently where the new branding and structure were explained. They now have a masters level and will be looking to bring in periodic testing as per the ROSPA route.
    As it says above Bikesafe is 'Bridging the Gap' between passing your test and post test training and giving an insight to the realms of advanced riding in the hope of reducing casualties and having a great day out with like minded riders.
    We are very busy within London and assist with other constabularies and the likes of the RAF consequently I don't have much time to use my 996!!, get onto the website for a venue near you and get yourselves booked onto one!!!