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Bmw Advice

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Pete433, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. just after a little help with what to do here,

    i have a credit note from BMW which i can use against any vehicle (provided it is purchased from a BMW dealer, Motorrad included),

    now i don't want or need another car or bike (well want a another bike but someone else in my life has determined i dont), however, what i would like is the cash from this credit note,

    now i'm thinking, do i buy one of the great sellers, GS most probably, and then sell it straight away. looking around there are a few decent ones knocking about for around £11k - £12k which i'm sure BMW sell easily enough, but, are there the cash buyers around or do they rely on finance deals which is obvioulsy no good to me

    that was my first thought anyways but any other ideas for me to think about would be much appreciated :upyeah:
  2. Do you not have any friends or relatives who might be considering a purchase of a BMW car or bike or whatever and could do a deal with them to purchase it with your voucher and they pay you back?
  3. unfortunately not, would be nice if i did,

    i suppose in the back of my mind i'm just concerned i may end up with a bike which is too expensive for most people without them having finance available on it
  4. Take a look on the UKGSer forum, see what bikes are for sale or selling and gauge the prices from there.
    Just be aware that if you do sell on that site then you would have to pay a subscription, it’s about £12.00 or so.
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  5. would you not think about a cash offer for your credit instead? could be interested
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  6. i certainly would, i just want to realise the cash from it
  7. 10-11k is still in the range of cash buyers, I believe bikes above 15-20k are difficult to sell privately.(we are not talking extremely expensive collector bikes)
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  8. What sort of circumstances allows one to be the holder of a presumably sizeable, credit note from BMW? Did you win a competition?
  9. A fuckin headache that’s what mate. I bought a new car from them (330e) and the bastard went on fire the second day I had it. It was brand new too. It happened back in jan and they’ve only just sorted it so I told em they can shove it unless they pay a bit of compo, they paid me a bit of cash and then a credit towards a purchase of another BMW vehicle. The credit note is £5k so I’m thinking I put a bit towards it and buy something that is a decent seller
  10. Appreciated mate. There’s plenty about at that sort of price :upyeah:
  11. so if it is worth £5K would you sell it for £3.5K
  12. Buy a couple of BMW e_bikes and sell them on. You lose to much in tax on new cars and motor bikes .
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