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Bonhams Spring Sale At Stafford

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by farmster, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Bonhams spring sale at Stafford. I
    got home early today and they’ve sent me a catalogue because I registered to buy a 888 once
    Look at the price of this 125 4 cylinder race bike!



  2. That's a four bedroom house on the coast somewhere,but plenty of nutters out there that will pay.:rolleyes:
  3. You could buy Rhyl for that much ! :joy:
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  4. upload_2020-2-14_17-32-18.jpeg
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  5. That TZ750 is nice and far better value - in fact I received the same through my door today and never even noticed the Ducati until you posted :no_mouth:
  6. If it goes for the guide price and it's in decent nick it's a bargain.
  7. I doubt it’s a genuine 1 Tz at that money ...... but i may be wrong i thought they were much more expensive than that ???
  8. From what can be seen in the picture It appears to be a fairly original OW31 with mag brake calipers, Ali belly pan etc. Silencers look like they've been replaced but at that price I'd be very happy with it.
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  9. Shows what i know!
    I seem to remember they where fast as feck ....... I know it’s a guide but i thought they were a lot more Valuable than that?
  10. Bonham's seem to pick strange guide prices - they have a 1991 851 Strada in the same sale guided at £12-£16K which is a bit salty.
    I've seen bikes guided at £6k go for over £20K.
    Usually auction houses guide low to get the punters in, but Bonham's are all over the place.
    They don't like people putting reserves on either as people tend to overegg their expectations and scare punters off.
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  11. In good condition I would expect it to make £40K plus with no problem.
    Still a very quick bike, even 40 years after it's heyday. Extremely easy to ride for a racing 2 stroke because of the reed valves in the inlets. Only ridden one a couple of times, 5 or 6 laps of Mallory and a quick zap on the M25 many years ago, makes a very good road bike and I recall a couple of them did end up on the road back in the day.
  12. My mate and his brother had them. They were a bit of a handful at Scarborough apparently.

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  13. Yes mate i’ve bought & sold a few things through “ Silverstone auctions “ prices all over the place & also most disturbingly Auction houses have massive disclaimers written in small print. Even though they Portray it to be the best one in the world doesn’t actually mean it is but we should be cute enough to know that. For an example There was low mileage 888 sale at Bonhams Fact was it had no service history And apparently one owner from new plus the dealer that registered it. When I spoke to Bonhams on the day the reply I got was you bid on it Sir or you don’t !
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