1199 Bored At Christmas

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  1. You know how it is two weeks off at Christmas and bored.
    Thought it might be an idea to visit my local Ducati dealer- big mistake ended up pex my owned from new 1098s for this . Apparently has had 10K spent on it, I love it but I'm broke 20171230_113519.jpg
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  2. Nice :upyeah: Being broke with a nice Ducati is better than being broke without one :)
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  3. Nice one Terry, that's the way to do it :upyeah:

    Mind sharing the full low down on where the 10k has been spent on it? :bucktooth:
  4. No I don't mind, it has Termi exhaust and chip, Oz racing wheels, TSX Ohlins shock DP comfort seats, DP Rearsets, DP brake and clutch reservoirs DP carbon, tail tidy, exhaust guard, Ohlins steering damper, DP screen which required a different fairing fitment and the paint job which the picture does not do it justice there may bits I've missed, oh yea carbon key guard and swingarm cover and hugger
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  5. It certainly sounds well kitted out mate, looks well in the photo too! Would be good to see a couple of photo's of the paint out in the sunshine to see what it really looks like in good light (whenever the bloody sun comes out again that it)

    Congratulations on the purchase mate, keep it shiney side up!
  6. Thanks mate I will get some photos when the snow has gone.
    Must admit nearly gave up on Dukes I hated the clutch on the 1098 it was always ok after service but within a couple of hundred miles it would go back to being grabby and graunching noise hopefully the Pani wont have too many foibles
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  7. OYB has had some serious cash out of me too..
    “ like a kid in a sweet shop “ is not even close..
  8. Congratulations on the new ride!!! Keep the rubber side down...