Boris And The Burka

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  1. And that just epitomises the problem, and funnily enough was kind of backed up by a chap i saw on Sky News this morning who made the following point.

    The reason so many people are becoming vocally outraged at every single thing nowadays is because the media, and huge amounts of political figures, are allowing them currency with it.

    What he meant was that people now expect results, things to be done on their behalf, just because they're outraged. It's almost like they feel a god given right that their outrage should be acted upon and supported.

    Vince cable just agreed himself with many of the points Boris made, yet he's still acting the sheep screaming for an apology when in truth he's struggling to really put his heart behind the reasoning.
  2. I hope he holds his position. That will get him and the tories elected at the next time round.

    I want a politician that says something then sticks by it, not does a Cable and apologies 'so it goes away'.
  3. I saw this and it was made front page this morning by many of the usual suspects

    It is creating news by the media as this event happened on July the 1st and Boris's article was only a few days ago. it's that desperate need to edit the news and create more news equating to 1 plus 1 equals 3
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  4. "It's 2018, we shouldn't be like that. I'm being stereotyped."

    Best part. Comedy gold. Its 2018. You should feel that you HAVE to wear a head to toe cover to STOP a man RAPING you!!
  5. So the bus company said the driver was wrong - are we allowed on with helmets and black visors I wonder :thinkingface:
  6. Test it. tomorrow. :upyeah:
  7. But I don't need to get a bus tomorrow as Mrs Ex is still here and will drop me in town for beer :) hang on, why would we want to, sod them, lets all not wear helmets on the bus :mad:
  8. What’s a burka?
  9. it wouldn't be too bad if it was their own choice, but I have a rather suspicious feeling that they are forced to wear them because its in their culture by their husbands, but then how would we get to the truth on that one?
  10. In classic Sky News fashion they've reported a piece this morning from Denmark and tried linking the Boris article directly to the banning in Denmark, when he was actually against it.

    They then interviewed a woman wearing a Burqa at the protest in Denmark and she went on to say it was her religious beliefs being compromised, which is what I'm struggling with, as from what I can tell reading various statements from Imams and pieces found online such as this, it simply isn't a religious requirement at all.

    Although digging deeper you can find various Muslim based sites, this one with a handy prepared download pamphlet which suggests that women should wear them

    At the end of the day religion is a choice which shouldn't be forced upon anyone, Equally 'cultural choices' such as wearing these outfits, which is what I believe they are, should also be a choice but not expected to be granted freely wherever you are.

    As it's cultural and derived from middle eastern states then to expect western countries to automatically allow it is ridiculous. You can't have it your way all the time and to expect the west to allow everything when the very countries these cultures come from are so very strict on what a Westerner can or can't do when visiting is hypocritical on a massive scale.

    Either way I simply don't understand the outrage. It's about time people were simply told they have choices. Do as is required within the country you have chosen to reside or move somewhere where the choices you want to make are acceptable.

    This whole thing where everyone feels entitled to get what they want doesn't work.
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  11. However outraged you might be that people are outraged just accept that Johnson is a grade one bellend and you will be much less outraged.
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  12. I'm not going to say no one is forced to wear it. If it is as the rest of the Islamic full dress(not the full veil) then it is because their religion demands it but that does not mean they have to wear it.

    You have Christians who are full on, everything by their book and others who probably call themselves christians and only remember God at christmas or at their lowest point. I suspect this is the same for many muslims particularly in the west and here in the U.K.

    The next bit might seem odd but humour me on this. In the day of 3rd and fourth wave feminism, a woman wanting to stay at home looking after the kids and looking after her husband because that is her ideal life is seen as (you must be brainwashed by a man) and this needs to stop.

    In the same way some men go to work and work like cvnts just to make sure that their partner can raise the kids and keep the home as for those two, that works best for them. Some women I know absolutely think being a stay at home mum is fantastic.

    You cannot rule that part out in the ninja suit, there will be some who prefer the tradition, security and closeness to their God they feel it offers.

    There hasn't been a lot of research into the honesty of the situation I feel and the assumption in the west is that all wearers must be doing so under the orders of men.

    It would be nice to hear from more of them rather than the media and feminists that tell us every burka/niqab woman is an oppressed woman.

    How many wear it, even the muslim council is unsure as some wear it all the time, some in private moments and not in public and some occasionally. The best guess they have is that less than 1-2% of Muslim women wear the full face covering whether than be the niqab or burka
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  13. It's that thing when a baby has wind
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  14. The outrage, of course, has nothing to do with burkas and supposedly outraged minorities (whose rights, stupid people should remind themselves, Boris was defending). It has everything to do with the odds-on probability that Boris Johnson will become the next Prime Minister in the autumn when May is ousted folllowing the next enactment of her planned capitulation to the EU.

    If he does he will probably achieve the Parliamentary majority May could not which will give him the numbers to deliver the true and complete Brexit the country voted for. Remainer Tories have been poring over everything he has said and done since the last election in the hope of finding something discreditable that would eliminate him from any future leadership contest and allow the electoral betrayal this country is witnessing to continue unchallenged. They haven't found anything discreditable so they have had to invent something and concoct false outrage. They are relying, of course, on their long-held belief that the British electorate are stupid and won't see what they are trying to do. Unfortunately for them, there is stupidity aplenty but it is on their side. It's obvious to the rest of us what game is afoot and as a result Boris's popularity will rise, as polls are now showing. Rather than keeping him out of no 10, this preposterous fake scandal is pushing him closer towards it.
    Crack on fools.
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  15. This is how it will play out.

    May will announce a second referendum
    There will be outrage (where’s that emoji bus @El Toro ;) )
    May will be ousted
    Boris will reluctantly accept to run
    Boris will take up pm post
    Boris will announce more time is needed but we have a chance of far improved terms to stay 8n
    Boris goes to referendum 2 based on a deal to stay in on improved terms (as EU finally get the point it’s bad for them too) vs a walk away without any arrangement
    Remain win on improved deal
    Improved deal never happens
    Boris gets sacked off at next general election and labour get in (with a new bid running it, as Corbyn will have been ousted due to his clearly preo-terrorist views)
  16. Except there are two things there that are now politically impossible: a second referendum and staying in. Johnson is one of the few people in Westminster who understands this.
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  17. Nothing is impossible.
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  18. If only that were the case bradders

    I for instance have been trying to find a way of cramming all my motorbike clothing gear in to my daughters cast off wardrobe for when we move house next week, the idea being ill utilise it in the garage as opposed to the single unit I've used until now.

    Fucking thing has just imploded under the weight, doors came off the hinges and the rail just buckled which pulled the sides in :rolleyes:

    That's Brexit and Boris's fault, I don't know how it is but god damn I'll sit here and get outraged about it :mad:
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  19. Add some 4x2 reinforcement and done. See, not impossible at all ;)
  20. Johnson doesn’t understand where he is when he wakes up in the morning let alone anything more concrete.
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