Boris And The Burka

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  1. That one is not wearing a burka either.
  2. No, she's normally wearing a berk when we go out ;)
  3. I see what you did there... :beer:
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  4. Perhaps we should have a phobia comparison website for the best deal?
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  5. Maybe they are doing us a favour?

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  6. From the Esso web site: so is it that the oppressed letterbox ladies in black are not allowed to drive that makes it OK? Or do any of them drive and have to remove their garb at the filling stations?

    Why do I need to take off my helmet when I fill up my motorbike?

    Service station staff are required by law to supervise the forecourt to ensure the safety and security of customers and staff. They are also required to check that anyone using a fuel pump is at least 16 years of age - the minimum age for buying petrol. Consequently, staff may want to visually check customers before authorising the pump to dispense fuel.

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  7. Plus I also have Claus-trophobia - that will be a religious crime at Christmas time, I guess.
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  8. What about Phobiaphobia? :thinkingface:
  9. A fear of fake beer?
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  10. Stellophobia.

    As opposed to fear of tape, sellophobia

    HTH :upyeah:
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  11. And that just epitomises the problem, and funnily enough was kind of backed up by a chap i saw on Sky News this morning who made the following point.

    The reason so many people are becoming vocally outraged at every single thing nowadays is because the media, and huge amounts of political figures, are allowing them currency with it.

    What he meant was that people now expect results, things to be done on their behalf, just because they're outraged. It's almost like they feel a god given right that their outrage should be acted upon and supported.

    Vince cable just agreed himself with many of the points Boris made, yet he's still acting the sheep screaming for an apology when in truth he's struggling to really put his heart behind the reasoning.
  12. I hope he holds his position. That will get him and the tories elected at the next time round.

    I want a politician that says something then sticks by it, not does a Cable and apologies 'so it goes away'.
  13. I saw this and it was made front page this morning by many of the usual suspects

    It is creating news by the media as this event happened on July the 1st and Boris's article was only a few days ago. it's that desperate need to edit the news and create more news equating to 1 plus 1 equals 3
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  14. "It's 2018, we shouldn't be like that. I'm being stereotyped."

    Best part. Comedy gold. Its 2018. You should feel that you HAVE to wear a head to toe cover to STOP a man RAPING you!!
  15. So the bus company said the driver was wrong - are we allowed on with helmets and black visors I wonder :thinkingface:
  16. Test it. tomorrow. :upyeah:
  17. But I don't need to get a bus tomorrow as Mrs Ex is still here and will drop me in town for beer :) hang on, why would we want to, sod them, lets all not wear helmets on the bus :mad:
  18. What’s a burka?
  19. it wouldn't be too bad if it was their own choice, but I have a rather suspicious feeling that they are forced to wear them because its in their culture by their husbands, but then how would we get to the truth on that one?