Boris Johnson Promises (jail) Sentences Will Truly Fit The Crime

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Zhed46, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Ignoring all the politics BS and funding issues then if Boris can get sentences to fit the crime then good on him. Justice needs to be seen to be done to create a deterrent
    Maybe do away with the joke life sentence and give out a sentence in yrs
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  2. Fuck off
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  3. I think I need your number just in case the local plod try to frame me guvnor :D:upyeah:

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  4. What do you think BoJo meant by "get sentences to fit the crime"?

    What do you understand by it?

    I think it is a meaningless statement tbh, unless Boris meant in a kind of biblical "eye for an eye" sense, which I very much doubt.

    Could you give some examples of what you think are appropriate sentences for a few offences?

    Genuine questions btw...
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  5. There aren't anywhere near enough plod left to go around framing people anymore! Oh, how we laughed when we thought we would never miss the boyish antics of the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, running around in their unmarked Granadas and Rovers fitting up innocent villains left right and centre. It seems like another world now. :laughing:
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  6. Oh yeh :bucktooth: needs flipping too though :thinkingface:

    01-Wales-Outline-500x571.jpg australia.gif
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  7. Never knew Australia has more sheep than people... That would be why they have such good bacon I guess....
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  8. I have just woke up in Meekathara, whats happened. Pass me another Wallaby this one has split !
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  9. Open the news today, police accused of racism.
  10. And in other news: the Pope is accused of being Catholic, while in California, a team of scientists have discovered that bears often defecate in forested areas
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  11. Get the feck out of here.... surely that is fake news :D
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  12. It isn't, but I bet the usual suspects will write this one off with that label because it was posted on rather than some niche alt-right website run by an obese American who owns dozens of firearms but has never had a girlfriend......
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  13. Apparently all violent knife crime users eat at fast food chicken outlets, still a few stickers on you takeaway is better than spending a fortune on yoof centres run by lefties innit….
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  14. Perhaps we could lace the food with a suppressant to bring crime under control then:thinkingface:
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  15. Fantastic idea, why didn't I think of that :D
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  16. I showed that story to my 17 year old son (who, for the sake of credentials lives in Wood Green and goes to VI Form in Tottenham) a few days ago and he said that nobody has read the inside of a chicken box. Ever. In fact, he said that notwithstanding the dialogue you have with the guy behind the counter who calls you "Boss", the most intellectual exchange he has ever had in a chicken shop is "Wha g'wan blud - are you goin' PowerLeague?"

    His solution to knife crime is to legalise cannabis, because in one fell swoop, many of the drugs gangs would be put out of business and all the yoofs would be too mashed to stab each other anyway.
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  17. I think the point of putting these messages on chicken boxes aren't to target the Chicken Children. It's the fact the boxes get discarded onto the pavements, when empty. Therefore, all can read the messages about knife crime.

    A real "Spread the word" story.
  18. As there is no money for binmen to clear them up then the message will stick - excellent plan :upyeah:
  19. No binmen yet the bins are empty..
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