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1200 Bought A ‘10 1200s !!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Bigjimknickers, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Well I bought it!
    Too far away so they did a video review of the bike & now it’s off for its MoT & PDI
    & will be delivered next week!
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  2. lovely bike , have fun on it.
    Treat yourself to a mechatronic ECU if it doesn't already have one :punch:
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  3. Nice bike, big knickers. :)
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  4. I've been looking at the Delkevic decat for my Enduro, partly because it has the option of a longer silencer. I had an SC Project de-cat and shorter silencer on my 2013 1200S and it was LOUD!!! It sounded epic, but for me it was slightly too much on the side of being a bit obnoxious towards my neighbours and the small villages where I live on Dartmoor. Having said that, I loved what it did to the character of the bike. I sold it after a week though!

    This is the one I've been looking at for the Enduro - I think the longer silencer would nicely quieten things down.

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  5. Great bike. Impressed with the price which seems to be holding up well for a 10 year old bike. I guess lots of people realise what a good bike it is.
    I had a 2010, and it is the lightest Multi with an engine which can be quite fierce in Sports mode. You'll love it.
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  6. I have a delkovic exhaust on my 955i Tiger & it is nice & quiet, with a powerful howl when it’s opened up, never needed the baffle as on tic over it’s ok, & I start it at 6am when I ride to work!
  7. But I’ve contacted delkevic & they don’t do the exhaust & de cat for the 2010-1014 multi. Gutted.
  8. Nice one :upyeah:
    I bought mine in Dec, a late ‘13 1200s with 11k miles on it and although not due a desmo service yet it was due an annual service and the Belts should have been done but there was no service history paperwork beyond the stamps in the book. The dealer offered to do the belts and service if I paid the asking price but being a Honda dealer and the fact they said “we will get someone we know to do it” I was kind of wary of that and chipped them the price it would cost me to get Ducati to do it instead and it’s another Ducati stamp in the book :upyeah:
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  9. Just a heads up, the Desmo service will be due in 1265 miles and that'll cost you about a £1000.
    Fantastic bike though, I have a 2011 and it's bloody brilliant
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  10. Yep, already covered.
    (MD racing email)

    Good morning Jim,
    Thanks for your email.

    the Desmo Service on the 1200 multistrada is £640 PLUS VAT (£768)

    This includes all normal service items.

    Best regards,
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  11. It was reduced by £500, so I’m happy to pay the desmo after a few miles, it’ll be end of the season before it’s due with the amount of use I’ll have from it. Possibly even next year.
  12. 1265 miles , end of the season , hopefully you’ll find it more fun than that ;)
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  13. Me too, plus when it’s nice I like to commute now & then too.
  14. Great bikes had one for over five years and traveled all over the shop on it.
    Get yourself a full Termi with ECU and while you’re at it replace the standard SCU.
  15. What does that do? Not a lot of info out there when I googled it?
  16. Its makes your Ohlins suspension Semi Active, I have it on mine and it makes for a much more stable ride.
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  17. I have had my 2010 from new and still love it. Yours looks well looked after so get out and enjoy!
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  18. Off for its mot & pdi tomorrow, then delivery hopefully Friday/Saturday, fingers crossed.

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