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Bought A Monster S4rs

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Cefn Coed, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. I had one of the original monster s4’s and always regretted selling, so I am super pleased because I have just bought a 2006 S4RS, what a great bike and parked next to my 888 and 2004 749R she looks great, wife not very happy with all the time I am spending sat in the garage

    View attachment 170498 26647757-3DE5-4A2E-B9AA-47531E45AC85.jpeg CB888897-161B-4CC4-82DE-FBA90D4444AB.jpeg C05D3CA5-5095-4DC6-8E48-780CFC9A2A91.jpeg 446C1052-88BE-4ACB-A883-5F2FF4FD1EF8.jpeg 34C700FC-7359-48F5-9B2A-A7727B3217FC.jpeg 0BADB9FD-B5E9-41C5-809E-224B6466D655.jpeg 48EEEE62-D202-469F-B69E-8D6DC42A0737.jpeg
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  2. Nice, enjoy :upyeah:
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  3. Looks in super clean condition:upyeah:..and the only forum member to bring in his grass for the winter months.;)
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  4. Nice. I always wanted one of those; best colour too.

    One day....
  5. Are you going to finish painting the walls or are you leaving it till after Christmas as you’ve already got the tree up?
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  6. You can squeeze a few more in there...…….. :eyes:
  7. The bench is a wonderful addition to your garage to allow your friends and family to all sit and gaze at your bikes. Your cup runeth over sir!
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  8. Great looking machine, congrats.
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  9. A class bike, miss mine.
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  10. Said the vicar to his wife
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  11. Nice bike.
    Even better name.
    Any association with Fforestfach (hope noto_O)
  12. looks mint - well worth the expense :)

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  13. Me too. It was an infamous place locally back in the 70s. I’m sure it’s much better now.
  14. Stunner. :upyeah::heart:

    Can I be cheeky and ask how much? Reason being I’m semi on the lookout for one of these to rob the forks, wheels and engine for my special and so I am keeping an eye on what they’re actually selling for versus what people on the Bay of E are asking.
  15. You missed a cheap low mileage one on here just imported back from Spain a few months ago - think it went for around £5K but someone will remember... @I'm closing in shipped it back for someone.
  16. Thanks. I saw that one on eBay a few months back but it disappeared and I must have missed its reappearance.

    There was also a Cat D for sale in the summer but I couldn’t make my idea work at the price they were asking.
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