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Brake Problem

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Lumbux, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Any one had this before? Didn’t notice it when I stripped it.

  2. Er, no. Is that consistent all the way round?
  3. warped disc?
  4. I would check your wheel positioning on the axle and the bottom of the forks, its pretty tight down there but not that tight.
    Here's a few shots of mine i have just taken, not as clear as yours, soz.




  5. Oh is the disc sitting on fresh paint / powder coat ? may need flattening off.
  6. That's offset way too far for mere paint Tony, initial thoughts are that you were right earlier and axle isn't "settled" or fitted correctly in forks yet, so affecting wheel positioning. You haven't swapped any components Lumbux?
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  7. Thanks all, yes the wheels have been painted, all it the bits are as when I bought it. I’ll look at the axel but I think it is in the correct place.
  8. another clue to wheel location would be if both calipers are showing similar offset in same direction.
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  9. Agree with what Chris says in the post above. Also, if there is a mechanical speedo drive unit fitted check that that is correctly positioned.
  10. Quick update, took it all to bits, put it back together, alls good. No idea what the problem was!!
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