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Featured Brands Indy - 2005!

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Pavsta, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Digging through some old hard drives in lockdown, found this vid from 2005. I wonder who owns my 748R now.. (#242 I think) and my brother's foggy rep. Yep, we should have kept them both!

    I still remember gaffa taping my miniDV camcorder that had cost me over a grand inside the single seat unit and wondering if it would shake to bits. It was wired to a remote lipstick camera gaffered in various spots through the day. Fun times.

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  2. Lovely weather too...looked like fun.
    Must do Brands Indy sometime...:thinkingface:
  3. Good vid but just brings back bad memories! Last time I was at Brands, which would of been in the '80s, I crashed and gave myself yet another dose of concussion (the story of my life). That was on the long circuit.
  4. Nice editing. Much more engaging than a single view for 6 minutes.
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  5. Nice little vid, I remember the good old pre Drift / GoPro days with Mini DV recorders and bullet cams in all sorts of places lol ...

    Also love Brands, Indy & GP, used to live just 15 mins away.
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  6. Good times with a sunshine oh fond memories,if you ever go back there try a visit to the apex of a corner :joy::joy::joy:
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  7. Meeeeeeow
  8. I shouldn’t take the piss really, I bring grass back to the pits inside my fairing like I did at Luffields last year.
  9. Nice clip, love the onboard views.

    I just booked my first Trackday at brands Indy, not done a Trackday for about 8 years and never did Brands which is odd given it’s the closest track to me, can’t wait. Hoping to get a few others booked up this year as well.
  10. I'm local to Brands too, count myself lucky (though grew up in Maidstone - that's more debatable!)

    I think GP is worth the extra over indy but it's a great little track anyway. Maybe it was a quiet day back then but there are a lot more bikes out on track these days.

    My hair has also grown.. this was the first trackday at Brands after lockdown last June, seems like years ago now brands-june-2020-IMG_1123.jpg !
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