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Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by SP4S, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I recently started a thread asking for help locating/refurbing a set of 30/34 40mm Brembo’s for my 888. Cut a long story short big thanks to Final Edition who recommend I try Carpimoto in Italy.
    Cheapest I found in UK were £270 a pair.

    Carpimoto have an offer at €110 each. Needless to say I bought two sets for front and a rear for €80.
    Not only that but they were a pleasure to deal with. V efficient, Fed Ex delivered three days after payment.
    Highly recommend. So anyone after Brembo stuff. Try them.
    Link and pics



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  2. Did you by any chance ask a KTM dealer if they had them? I'm curious as to what price they would charge if they could supply them.
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  3. I didn’t mate. I doubt they would be €110 each. Even on the bay of Evil used ones where near £90
  4. They look fabulous! Stupid observation but do you have 2x left hand fronts?
  5. Thanks. I bought 2 pairs. Must have opened two of the same. Lol
  6. Haha that's ok then
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  7. How much was the shipping.
  8. €9
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  9. Pads included in the price too.
  10. Yes pads included
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  11. Am I the only one that finds the Avatar of SP4S really distracting?
    There seems to be a discussion going on here, but I have difficulty in focusing.
    I understand you bought 2 pairs, can't imagine why.
    The pair I'm staring at is perfectly fine.
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  12. due to the mouth-watering appeal of your caliper pictures, (avatar is quite nice btw) I know the Chris of 10 years ago would have bought a set in a hearbeat but today I have to accept that it's more than likely they would be yet another item that a relative will probably have to sell/giveaway when i'm gone.
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  13. Aint she just the cutest little thing you ever seen?
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  14. Hello Chum
    A while since I’ve been on
    Busy year ‍♂️
    I drove to Italy last Christmas to buy my 888 spo.
    I’m not so clued up about the older Ducati’s
    Will these calipiers fit mine ? It’s a 1992 strada I believe dicky bowed up for the yanks
    Thanks in advance
  15. 3CF65442-B549-4243-AB82-8D2BDD3B9130.png

  16. Yes. They will fit
  17. Brilliant thanks so much
    I’m taking it to The TT
    First time in the Van
    With the 1199
    I was going to have them refurbished
    But the 1s you’ve found are cheaper!!!
    Really happy