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Brexit Is Preparing The Uk To Become A "slave State"

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Zhed46, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Brexit is merely the first stage in a project to turn this country into a what will be more or less a totalitarian slave state.

    For a start, employment rights (largely an EU creation) will be rapidly removed and human rights legislation will be repealed - and ironically these measures will impact hardest on the people that voted en masse for Brexit. In addition our infrastructure, our public services, our housing stock and what remains of our major private industries will be sold off, most likely to the Chinese, Americans and Russians.

    Consumer rights (again, largely an EU creation) will also be rolled back, as will food safety standards, which again will tend to hit the poorest harder.

    Democracy will become even more of an outdated concept than it is now. The proroguing of Parliament yesterday only shows the contempt in which the concept is held by the people (none of whom were elected to their posts by the electorate or have a mandate for their actions), who have seized control of the levers of power.

    Surveillance will also become even more pervasive than it is at the moment. It is a supreme irony that the EU (which is routinely lambasted as being totalitarian by Brexiteers) wants to limit the use of facial recognition technology while UK police forces and even, it seems, private corporations, gleefully adopt it with wild abandon.

    EU plans sweeping regulation of facial recognition: https://www.ft.com/content/90ce2dce-c413-11e9-a8e9-296ca66511c9

    London’s King’s Cross uses facial recognition in security cameras:

    As it is, increasing numbers of young people cannot afford to buy a property (which are all being hoovered up by the Chinese and Russians in order to let to British people) and increasingly, rents are getting out of reach as well. When the economy tanks post-Brexit, those phenomena will only be magnified. I predict that in 20 years time, people, especially those under 35, will be routinely living in dormitory style accommodation in much the same way as Poles, Lithuanians and Romanians do now, and we will all be watched 24/7 by a suspicious and paranoid government.

    And the crazy thing is, the people who enabled it did so by way of a protest vote against perceived elites, foreign intervention in UK affairs, to restore Parliamentary Sovereignty and to increase our democratic freedoms

    The longer this goes on, the more this whole thing starts to look like a bloodless coup and the beginnings of a dictatorship.
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  2. yip, but people will get used to the new norm. so no biggie.
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  3. The first three things out of Farage’s mouth in relation to improving productivity post Brexit were

    Employment law
    Environmental law


    research and development
    Capital investment

    Which is how Germany became dominant in Europe

    We are about to be shafted
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  4. I have children and I am genuinely saddened and frightened for what the future holds for them, both economically and in terms of what sort of society they are going to live in. On Sunday on the way to the MotoGP via back roads, the younger (17 yo) and more politically engaged one was saying how refreshing it was to be out in the countryside where he doesn't feel like he is being watched all the time. It then occurred to me that they'd never lived in a world where surveillance was not the norm, and it is only going to get worse once the UK government slips any form of regulatory leash on such activities.
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  5. Though its a little ironic that most of his generation (if perhaps not him personally?) spends half their freetime recording and publishing themselves on the biggest media channels in the world.
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  6. Oooooh, a thread for remoaner DQ’s - cool o_O
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  7. He actually hates all that stuff. He’s got social media accounts but they are linked to “anonymous” email addresses, he rarely posts anything and mostly uses them just to look at content about his various interests, which are mainly motorbikes, photography, ecclesiastical architecture (he’s not your average 17 year old) and girls in bikinis (which is more typical of a 17 year old)
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  8. this has been cuming up lately with freinds of mine who are starting to change their minds over a different question. tho childless, they do have nieces and nieces and are starting to get this worry for parents since brexit.
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  9. Not meaning to sound confrontational but society has slid considerably during my lifetime which has been mostly within the EU, the slide will continue but in a different kind of way outside the EU. We currently have protections for workers and consumers which are in line with the EU (may or may not be as a direct consequence but that is not the point) but we have other parts of society which are worse off than previously e.g. social housing, care, etc. when compared with other EU states. I kind of agree with the slave state headline (perhaps exaggerated depending on your point of view) but not sure if it is just in a different direction to what is already happening?
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  10. Please give him this pic with my compliments, sorry but they were sold out of the ones with a church in the background. Two out of three ain't bad!

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  11. Post 1. Nail on head.
    The UK is in a critical situation now. Bizarrely what was supposed to be reclaiming sovereignty and freedom seems to now be, “lets turn the UK in to a dictatorship”. BJ obviously has taken a leaf out of Trumps book, ironically though the opposition party has shown all the signs of being a dictatorship for the last few years under Corbyn.
    The puppet master is even in full view (Dominic Cummings) of the public and press. Neither of them elected, but in power. Most strange times.
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  12. So this is the break away remoaners thread?
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  13. Grow up. Genuinely. Grow up. You lot don't seem to realise how serious this is.
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  14. So because I don't subscribe to your narrow view I'm childish.
    Perhaps you should read a wider variety of sources.
    Glass half full rather than half empty sort of guy here.

    The EU is a failed project.
    We needed to jump before it collapses.

    Your scatter gun argument approach is laughable and very poorly researched.

    How many Chinese or Russian landlords do you know?
    The Chinese and Russians are buying the multi million pound properties, not starter homes, bedsits etc.... which is where 95% of us started from when we left home.

    I could go on and counter every point you've cut n pasted, but I'm busy.
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  15. Mazing :joy:
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  16. 22F8398F-2B33-42FF-A61A-C64B79B6581E.jpeg
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  17. Just made a cunt of yourself there Zedders. All that good work undone in a 20 second post. Now go pick your toys up and calm down :laughing:
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  18. From my experience most young people that moan about never being able to get on the property ladder don't know how to save, they want everything now.
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  19. I have no problem with debate but it is the flippancy and glibness of the approach by Brexitards (see, two can play at that game) which concerns me as they obviously have no idea what's coming, generally don't have the intellectual machinery to grasp the consequences of their actions and by and large actually don't care that the country is going to be hammered from all sides and instead simply rejoice in the fact that there will be fewer foreigners over here.

    In answer to your question, I haven't done an audit, but so far this year I have been asked to advise a Chinese conglomerate who bought a number of buildings in central London to use as letting accommodation and I have also represented or acted in claims against about 10 Chinese landlords (some of whom were bedsit/slum landlords) and around 7 Russian investors/landlords. I have seen the investor/landlord demographic change over the past 10 years of my practice, especially in the last 3 to 5 years, and, FYI, prior to being a barrister, I helped run a property management and surveyor's firm for the previous 13 years. Good enough credentials for you?

    You clearly don't understand how the property market works and I really can't be bothered to explain it fully to you, but even if Chinese and Russian investors were only buying properties at the top end of the market (which they are not) it inflates the entire market, which prices the indigenous population out. There is also a boot-strapping effect, which in simple terms, means the more property you have, the more equity you can leverage and so the more you can borrow to buy.
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  20. I’m clearly considerably more intelligent than you :bucktooth: as is AirCon and Mary :):upyeah:
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