Brexit Moving On

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  1. Last time I looked IoM was in the U.K. :astonished::rolleyes:

    And funny how they go after the insurer backer of leave. What about how Data was shared by remain across platforms?:thinkingface:
  2. I believed, happy to be told different, the Isle of Man is like Jersey, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar in that they are independent countries but are U.K. dependencies
  3. The IoM is NOT part of the UK, its a Crown dependency...or tax haven to most people. :D
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  4. A wonderful Island full of wonderful people and not part of the EU.....wonderful!
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  5. 48 and learning something every day :upyeah:
  6. I wasn't sure but exi cleared it up on another subject about importing women/bikes from the channel islands
  7. So apparently a leaked memo suggests the deal is essentially agreed but there is currently some pantomime of ongoing disagreement? Watch this space.....

    Mrs May would then claim the Government had “delivered on the referendum” in a speech at the CBI on Nov 19, the same day Mr Raab would announce the proposed deal to Parliament.
    World leaders, including Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, would be lined up to tweet support for the deal, followed by a week of themed media events, including a visit by Mrs May to Northern Ireland on Nov 24, the day the DUP holds its conference in Belfast.
    The memo says Parliament’s “meaningful vote” on the deal would be held on Nov 27, with MPs told in capital letters: “Historic moment, put your own interests aside, put the country’s interests first and back this deal.”
    Steve Baker, a former Brexit minister, said: “It looks like exactly the kind of back-of-the-envelope post-exit plan to sell a rubbish deal I would have expected. For months we have expected an orchestrated campaign following a fabricated row over the backstop. It’s like you almost can’t be too cynical. That’s not where our politics should be.”
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  8. They're taking the piss, rather than adding it.....
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  9. So buying a diesel car with 'AdBlue' technology coerces you into dealer sponsored 'inspections'? I'll be avoiding that nonsense - haven't paid a garage (dealer or independent) for an 'inspection' or service since 1987 as I recall :)
  10. That is a truly horrendous state of affairs.

    Given that we are dealing with meticulous Germans here, I wouldn't be surprised to find all the agreements neatly documented and stored in VAG/BMW/MB archives.
  11. Where the fines are big, the states, they will settle up quick knowing they impose even bigger fines for delaying. Within the vehicle that is built for the German economy, the eu, this could drag on for decades then dissapear.
  12. in a pedophile ring kinda styli?
  13. Well they've certainly been given enough leniency and time to ensure any documents that did exist, now don't.

    I personally don't have a vendetta against the German automotive manufacturers, but it's a very good example of the EU turning a blind eye, or doing the bare minimum when it's Germany involved.

    In truth they're very quick to slap down fines to other countries companies, and fast track legal proceedings against them.

    The EU commission puts itself up on high with the implementation of heavy regulations in regards to climate and environmental issue's as though they're the shining beacon of hope and truth, yet the reality of what the German car cartel have been doing goes against all of that from an environmental point.
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  14. Adblue is a bloody nightmare.Or to be more specific,the technology and equipment required to inject it into the exhaust is a bloody nightmare.
    It has to be pre-heated,pumped,injected only when and in the amounts that the ECU specifies,etc,etc...and the damn stuff solidifies inside the,(vehicle specific,naturally),equipment if it goes pear-shaped rendering the,(non-serviceable but very expensive),pump etc completely useless.
    And to make matters worse,some manufacturers code the Adblue tackle to the ECU so one cannot just fit a replacement,it has to be taken to the dealer for programming.
    The usual "sledgehammer to crack a nut" approach so beloved of bureaucracy who have no concept of having to pay for the shit.
  15. That'll be the German manufacturers sir..... buy old petrol Jap cars I say - I never trusted BMW and the others in the 80's who had 'special' service indicator lights which could only be turned off by a dealer. License to print money was my thought. I also dislike all the motoring hacks who say 'always insist on full dealer service history' I wonder who sponsors those comments? Rant over
  16. Been through that process once already.
  17. the tool to reset it costed a tenner, they all had different plugs and programs until?
  18. I remember being quoted £50 + VAT to turn off an engine management warning light!! E bay was then my savior - there are many bad people out there...