Brexit Moving On

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by bradders, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Take the deal and move on?

  2. Stay in the EU and face the consequences?

  3. Crash out and face the consequences?

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  1. Hear hear. More from Peta Credlin. :)

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  2. So similar to the Swollen battery thread? :kissing_heart: :eyes:
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  3. What do you recon their Plan B will look like once Mays plan has been rejected(assuming they do present it for vote on Tues)?
  4. The only thing the majority of MP’s are aiming for is staying in :eyes: so anyone’s guess on the tactics but it could get sillier yet :thinkingface:
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  5. That means plan B hasn't changed.............:bucktooth:
  6. No Deal and we remain in the EU because there is no deal and we can't leave without a deal.
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  7. Buy another necklace;),as that one is not dazzling enough for the support Act:thinkingface:
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  8. Please leave without a that crappy EU deal......
    Keep the £38B and start dealing with the world on our terms..
    We voted to leave, the fact that the EU and our negotiators have come up with a crap plan doesn't mean we should stay for 1 second longer than is legally necessary.
    As soon as France, Italy and Germany realise that they don't and won't get our money.... I think we'll see some more reasonable deals around.

    It's going to be a coalition government and us staying in for the foreseeable.....
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  9. I think plan B has always been stay in the EU and that’s what they have been working towards since the vote.
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  10. It will be Mrs May saying

    "F -you; you Leavers - it ain't going to happen. Why didn't you listen to AL when he first said it wouldn't?. Now bog off".
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  11. Project fear in the news again with Supermakets saying people have started stockpiling food in fear :scream:
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  12. Said Al from the supermarket :)
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  13. It's become a bit Trumpesque unfortuneatly.

    Her deal which is still the chequers deal that no one has said will work since last July, is worse than the current membership of the eu at the moment

    The people voted to leave, there was never any deal related to that vote but parliament has twisted it so. The only deal that actually matches the vote is wto/free trade

    I'm not sure that is the case, the default where no agreement can be made, is that it does go to free trade/wto. To change that would mean going through all of the article 50 and recinding the european withdrawl act which the majority of the mp's voted for, as did the majority of the house vote to launch article 50, enable the referendum etc so it will take far more parliamentary time and commons time than exists.

    I think/feel May will run it as far as she can and more than expected will buckle and vote for deal. If it fails, who knows?

    The houses of parliament have long forgotten they work for us and that the vote to leave never had "depending on the deal" attached.

    I hope we can do what others have failed to do in europe in that a democratic majority vote that europe doesn't like, is carried out and not allow the peoples voices to be stifled again.
  14. Most obese people in europe, we could do with loosing a few pounds. The only way the food will kick off if is kurly cale and wheatgrass smoothies cannot get through, then London would worry
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  15. The only good thing about May is her stubbornness , I can see her running this out as long as possible, two or three votes in parliament with a few little tweeks from the EU and possibly get her deal through, if not she will push until there's no time left for anything other than out without a deal, hopefully, she won't want to fail completely.
  16. I doubt she will let you write the speech for when she gives it, but that’s basically what it will say.
    I hope she gives you the credit.
  17. What has really ticked me off with Labour, Lib Dems and the minor parties there still playing petty politics instead of helping the government to carryout the leave mandate the public have given them
    None of the other parties offer up constructive suggestions or propose a way forward
    If we have another referendum what would happen if the result is still leave, if the result was stay would it then be best of 3 or 5 or 7
    It's a complete cock up
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  18. Intention seems to have always been stay anyway.

    Mays biggest mistake imho was not having a cross party team for brexit. The thing is bigger than party nonsense
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  19. May's biggest mistake was trying to stay in while trying to leave at the same time. She's gone for an impossible goal and tried to keep both sides happy. At some point she had to come down on one side or other and she's still trying it today. Also allowing the EU to dictate everything from day one with the timetable.

    The Labour party just opposing everything without having a plan, coupled with no majority hasn't helped. They can smell blood and getting into power whilst being as vague as possible on Brexit is the game.

    She should have started planning for no deal on day one and setting it as the default position to sow the seed. By not doing so (or having it ticking along in the background) whilst talking to the EU, insisting we would get a deal when a deal isn't going to happen, she has opened up the flood gates for criticism of her handling of the whole thing. Cameron was the same pre-vote, he wouldn't say what would happen in the event of a vote to leave (apart from triggering article 50 the day after the vote, insisting it was a once in a lifetime vote and we would not be asked to vote again) as he was adamant we'd vote to stay.

    She's not jumped on members of her party who have been undermining her. Hammond has been at it since day one and should have been sacked right at the start. Olly Robins undermining the Brexit Secretaries and conducting negotiations (although this is not a mistake, but deliberate). Not filling her cabinet and positions of power with leave supporting MP's

    She's engaged in Project Fear MKII when she herself admitted that Project Fear MKI was a mistake and didn't work.

    She's not a strong leader willing to make tough decisions, she showed this as Home Secretary. People want to be lead by a "leader", she hasn't got the qualities.

    It goes on...........
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  20. I reckon it's a plan by the snp to get us to leave then rename the U.K. as Scotchland.
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