Brexit: What Happens Now?

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  1. Full Brexit with "no EU deal" on the 29th March.

  2. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a general election and new negotiations.

  3. Request Extension to article 50 to allow cross party talks and a new deal to be put to EU.

  4. Request Extension to article 50 to allow a second referendum on 1. Remain in EU or 2. Full Brexit.

  5. Table a motion in parliament to Remain in EU WITHOUT a referendum.

  6. I don't know or I don't care anymore

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  1. Ooooh, tell me more :thinkingface:
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  2. think about it.
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  3. Long lead times is one reason and as has been increase in Chinese wages.
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  4. As much as you may like to avoid this reality, the state of the murderers mind is one of medical opinion, not medical fact. For what it is worth, and that is absolutely zero, given I have no background in psychiatric medicine, I have no reason to disagree with this opinion. Buts it’s still just opinion. What remains a fact is that he murdered Jo Cox and his views, sane or otherwise, were right wing.

    Unsurprisingly, you misread my post and decided to comment on the content, which was irrelevant, instead of identifying the question, the opinion and the fact.
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  5. Its a bit silly really this milkshake thing, it does nothing but harden supporters of those on the receiving end and makes those throwing them no better than a truly far right thug, and i mean the real definition of Far right (not the modern version of someone who doesn't agree with me/you/them)

    By pointing the finger at Farage and calling him 'Far right', as though thats some reasonable excuse for throwing stuff at him, it does absolutely zero in making people listen, it just alienates the supporters of Brexit further by association.

    And lets face it, theres plenty of them and the vast majority wouldn't vote Farage in to power as PM, but would rather have him fighting their corner in delivering on a vote and subsequent mandates from the two major parties (to leave the eu). Its that simple.

    Quite how the self declared 'well educated' missed that little tactical nugget is beyond me.

    Consider this:

    Left leaning supporters throw Milkshakes at what they deem 'Far right', its all funny and fine to do that i believe.

    Right leaning supporters retaliate and throw gravy at what they deem 'Far left', presumably this won't be funny and must be vegan friendly gravy and cold

    What next?

    Its not an episode of ready steady cook so i dare say it won't be long before things move past food produce and at that point you have to look at the catalyst, and that starts with the supposedly reasonable and calm 'Left' throwing milkshakes whilst still proclaiming to be morally, thats some truly deranged ideology

    Whats wrong with the centre ground nowadays?
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  6. Read on what you have just written.:D
  7. It's an interesting article but shows the double standard of european governments.

    They see nothing wrong in going into middle eastern, african and south american countries claiming "the people want a change as their system isn't working" but when the people in the european countries are telling their governments their system isn't working, the people have had enough and want change!" they are all labelled as populists, far right and need to be stopped.
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  8. There is a double standard in every government in that it serves it’s self interest first. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an increase in the far right movement, we shouldn’t sweep that under the carpet. Nationalist movements are growing in most European countries and I have no doubt it’s a frustration on poor domestic management (regardless of who voted for what - look at what a fuck up the handling of brexit has been) it is all to easy to point the finger at a European body for many of these twats e.g. boris than looking in the mirror.

    Farage is as thick as a brick but he does understand the power of the mob and creating a populist movement: anybody that votes or voted for him needs his or her head examined - he has the potential to add no value what so ever other to act an antagonist (actually some value in that) but he is quite capable of starting an argument in an empty room and he shouldn’t be placed in an official position of authority - if there is to be a deal he’ll wind up the euros and make it harder to get a good one, if we remain he’ll fuck up the relationship, and if we go with no deal he’ll walk away and blame everyone else if it (and there is no guarantee it will be) a fuck up. He should however have the right to speak freely without being subjected to physical threat and abuse, he needs no help to look like an idiot, just let him speak.
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  9. I have, it’s perfectly logical. The point of the post was to question your understanding of the difference between an opinion, a fact and a question.

    Much like asking what is

    3 x 2
    4 + 4
    9 / 3

    Test someone’s knowledge of basic arithmetic functions. The specific content is irrelevant. I could have asked

    5+ 5 or 6 x 6.
  10. You could have if you were in a maths thread or diane abbots bedroom
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  11. I know this one

    Is it eleventy twelve?
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  12. I would ask her to give me a call for some maths tuition but who knows who she would end up dialling
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  13. Somebody else who doesn't know the difference between maths and arithmetic.
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  14. Agree, there is no way she would have got that job without sucking jeremy's plums
  15. I hope he creates merry hell in the EU, such that they will not grant an extension due to our mayhem. Then our turncoat parliament will cancel Brexit.... and the EU will have 4 more years of his hell! :)
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  16. It will be interesting to see of the candidates that run for pm, which ones say they understand the 2016 vote and are going to go with the wto & free trade deal rather than what level of remain do you want. I suspect the person who is the most determined to deliver that and this year, will be the next pm
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