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Featured For Sale Bst Carbon Fibre Wheels

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by kirks1989, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Evening all,

    Im looking at selling my BST Carbon wheels. I bought these around 18 months ago for my Hypermotard SP to use on track. Due to only doing a handful for trackdays last year and me looking to do a few trips across Europe this year, I'm going to sell them and go back to standard wheels.

    The wheels have covered no more than 800 miles since being on the bike and id say 80% of those mies were on track.

    These will fit the Hypermotard 821/939/950, the 848 and possibly a few more such as the new V2 but i don't know that for sure.

    The wheels are 17/3.5" Front and 17/5.5" Rear.
    5 Spoke Diamond TEK
    No coloured ink (standard carbon colour) and have the optional satin finish
    Total cost of wheels £2845.00 without tyres from Bike HPS and have the original Order/invoice and boxes.

    Wheels will come with a set of Supercorsa tyres which you may get a few track days out of but are worn.

    Looking for around £1850

    IMG_2935.jpg IMG_2937.jpg IMG_2938.jpg IMG_2942.jpg IMG_2943.jpg IMG_2945.jpg IMG_3014.jpg IMG_3108.jpg IMG_3981.jpg IMG_3982.jpg IMG_3984.jpg
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  2. Lovely! GLWS.
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  3. Cheers mate :upyeah:
  4. 2 bags of wotsits per wheel and some sound advice seal the deal?
  5. Very tempting that @chizel
  6. i can go a lil higher but not on here... c3_b4 tenor... the offer would be the same but it would have to made in person...
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  7. They look so much nicer in that satin finish... Far more depth with more of a premium look:upyeah: stunning. Glws
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  8. Cheers Dave, they do look well
  9. Awesome deal, for whoever buys them!
  10. They look good, they won’t fit the V2 unfortunately as it uses the big 1299 hub and axle. Good luck with sale
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  11. The price looks about right if my recent used purchase is anything to go by.
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  12. Sent a message mate,well I hope I have.
    Not sure I've done it correctly.
  13. @kirks1989
  14. Sold I’m guessing? Looking for a pair for my hyper 1100 so not sure they would fit in any case....
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  15. Still got them
  16. Winner. I’ll find out if they fit my 1100. I’ve had bst’s on my bucket list for ever and these look superb:)
  17. Welcome Steve

    (Sorry to thread hijack; we are the best of friends from the S1000r forum ;) )
  18. Sadly I don’t thing they fit the 1100:-(
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  19. Thanks Pavey,have you still got yours?

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