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Bulgari Ducati Watch

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Dibble, May 13, 2022.

  1. Not my style at all

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  2. Right your street Dibble I can see you wearing that watch :joy:
  3. Doesn’t even say Ducati, so I’m out.
  4. Bit gaudy for me, and already have one loud watch lol

    IMG_7033 2.JPG
  5. It’s aluminium? :joy:
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  6. Does it go furry near high humidity?
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  7. Lithium battery?
  8. You need a Fortis, even got a oil warning light at 3 o'clock...also signed by some Bayliss fella? :) IMG_20220513_213052.jpg IMG_20220513_213059.jpg
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  9. @Kevin Tallant , I tried to source one of these, but not luck so far… I got this one, though, which I absolutely love!

    #11 Guillaume69, May 14, 2022
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  11. I picked up this Breil while living in Japan about 11 years ago. 9FF6B987-A65D-4DC1-B284-180137FB1848.jpeg
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  12. Whoa! The Bulgari’s and acquired taste :astonished:

    Ducati should return to partnering with Fortis – far more handsome watch designs.
  13. Looks like it, to be honest I'd prefer unsigned. Not even a fan of 916 foggy bike personally, you can keep all that sticker lark .
  14. I had one of those and sold it to Neil at Cornerspeed I think.
    Busy looking for another one.

    Tudor had a nice Chrono out a few years back, nearly got one at the time.

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  15. I dont get it, its just a random red faced watch ???
  16. Think he means this one?

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