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Buying A Crashed St2 With No History...

Discussion in 'Sport Touring' started by Speed addicted, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. F0079681-2F1A-4639-9AD7-922892E87882.png A3946207-AC24-4750-A1EC-95BE3A7A14ED.png 673F2E9E-A92D-4EBB-8721-9388932987A0.png A6DBC18A-C7DB-4888-80B7-19C0E88A7BE9.png Hi, new here.
    I joined because I’m intending to buy an ST and fit the Tifoso kit fairings to it. Same as the top photo.

    I’ve found an ST2 that’s been dropped and has cosmetic damage. It’s a sensible price (about £1300), 2001 registered but has a gold frame so I’m thinking it’s a late 2000 bike with 25k miles.

    The seller bought it at auction with no history but it does appear to have been looked after from the photos.

    Damage appears to be limited to the top fairing indicator area, some scratches on the belly pan and a fecked quill exhaust. I’m thinking low speed drop, and would be replacing all the parts anyway.

    So, what do I need to look out for when buying? I’d do a full service/belt change as a precaution.

    I’ve read the pdf faq and there doesn’t appear to be anything properly scary in there.
  2. Check the swinging arm mount on the engine, the older one has a fragile mounting bolt and can wreck the engine case.
    Make sure it is the 3 phase alternator version as the two phase is a pain in the neck.
  3. I take it a damaged swing arm mount will be pretty obvious?
  4. I would say £1000 tops. Although I may have been lucky and got a good price on ebay, I paid £1500 for a Y reg ST2 with about 18k on it. Full history, no damage and Ducati hard panniers.

    Just my worthless opinion but the fairing on the first bike looks shit.
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  5. TBH there's a very reasonably priced Multistrada on here that is only a hundred or so more quids. Wouldn't you be better starting with that?
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  6. As far as bike availability goes my biggest problem is living near Aberdeen, somewhat limits choice!

    Most of the non crashed bikes seem to be fetching around 2-3k.

    The multistrada would involve more changes with suspension etc.
  7. could find it - sold already?
  8. Look for the panniers thread on here. Save me from myself.
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  9. More searching shows that the alternator should be 3 phase after 1999.
    I take it the easiest way to check is look for 3 wires coming out of the cover?
  10. Or smoke damage from 2 phase :laughing: I have an ST4, 2002, I'm in Aberdeenshire if you need to compare anything you're not sure about? Mine is standard but silver/gunmetal frame and bigger frame/engine mounting bolt to solve frame cracking of earlier ones.
  11. That would be handy actually if you’re about this week. It’s always good to have something to compare to!

    I’m based in Westhill.
  12. I'm the other side of Fyvie so not a million miles away, there's no light in the shed at present - ongoing project - so easier to see during daylight. Let me know if you want to have a butchers or any photos?
  13. Ah bugger, too far for lunchtime jollies!
    This working onshore malarkey is highly over rated.
  14. I know what you are saying.... Happy to take photos if you can't get over
  15. 1DEF886E-C237-43A5-B55D-204312131B91.jpeg
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  16. So this happened today....

    Bad points.
    Fairings are somewhat fecked
    Bits of corrosion on the engine and some brackets
    Front master needs a seal kit or replacing
    Rev counter not registering (but I found a loose cable next to the generator)
    Starter is a bit slow but my mates 996 is similar

    Good points
    Runs well
    A quick (somewhat illegal) squirt around the block showed everything to be working well
    Wheels have been powdercoated
    Clutch slave is a sigma unit
    I don’t need the fairings, although the looks are growing on me...
  17. Nice one, the looks are good, distant cousin of 916 with comparably ugly headlight :upyeah:
  18. That must be some wild beast if you’ve got to tie it down! ;) But it’s good to hear it runs and your probably “only” looking at cosmetics.
    Keep us posted. :upyeah:
  19. My advice to you and your mate - if your battery is in good order
    -Think about investing in a good set of starter cables and earth straps - @Exige sells them on here with great service and a good forum discount, but obviously home built is possible / other sources are available.
    Not just because it will transform the starting -
    Mine went from chugga chugga chuuuuuggggaaaaa to literally brush the starter button with my thumb and it’s running - same battery
    - but also because if you get unlucky during starting on a slow starter it can wreck the starter clutch, and then you are in for much more work and expense than just installing a few external cables.
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  20. I’ve been reading about the cables and potential pitfalls, Exige said he could probably come up with something once the battery is moved to the new location and I know the lengths required.

    One thing that struck me while stripping the fairings was how thin a lot of the wiring is compared to other bikes.
    I’ll be going through the loom and connectors to check for damage/corrosion as I put the bike back together. Saves a load of time standing sheepishly at the roadside!

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