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Cagiva 650 To 750 Track Bike

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by ColinL, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. Nice work fella, that engine casing has polished up a treat.
  2. upload_2021-4-8_16-30-24.jpeg
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  3. upload_2021-4-8_16-32-37.jpeg
    thanks Mark, the other side has also come out nicely.
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  4. I’ve been a bit diverted recently. My Laverda 750 snapped a rod at the piston end!!
    Full speed in 5th at Croft, bang/bang/bang/eeek and full rear wheel lock up with many holes bashed through the cases and wrecked gearbox. ive got all the bits for a rebuild now so then back on to the Pantah.





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  5. Carbon fairing arrived for the Ducati.



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  6. New shocks arrived.

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  7. Looks gorgeous, which supplier did you use?
  8. I use ‘Boba’ his parts are good quality and very reasonably priced. Warning though, he is a one man band and can take a long time to supply. He responds well to email chase ups though.
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  9. Thanks for the link for Boba, super affordable. Did you get a screen from him too?

  10. Rookie error, I didn’t order a screen at the same time. I’m calling in at TGA soon to pick up a tank and seat unit so I’ll get one from there.
  11. Shame it’s only Laverda. At those prices if they did one to fit my S4RS I’d be reaching for the card
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