Cambridge Analytica

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  1. To be fair fin,Just checked, she's still refusing to be transparent. When she says she wants to be transparent on the matter fin but then refuses to answers questions, does transparent mean something different the other side of the wall?

  2. dude you should of waited till after 6pm. the live stream is still active until then. doh.
    12noon, wee rothy gets her arse skelped again.
  3. If you mean the "i'm not telling and what about what you do?" Playground diverts, moostash is hiding something and you knows it haha
  4. it's been some time since this was visited but some of the results are starting to come in, Facebook have been fined £500,000 which is the maximum fine but another little nugget about peoples information being used in elections has popped up.

    A mumsnet type group called Emma's Diary had apparently sold it's members personal information to Experian one month before the General election 2017

    For each of the records Emma’s Diary supplied the mother’s name, her address, the date of birth of the mother and child, and how many children under five were present in the home.

    Experian then loaded the records into a database for the Labour party to use in a direct marketing mail campaign for the 2017 general election. The information was used in the constituencies for 106 parliamentary seats

    Even kids before they are born are getting junk mail
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  5. And people are still giving their info away on Facebook on these freebies phishing pages
    I have had to make a couple of friends aware of what they have been sharing and sharing their email address to said pages

    People will never learn
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  6. Everything has a price. Sooner people wake up to that, the sooner companies will take it seriously.
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  7. Leaving aside Labour asked for this information to target young mums with children for general election purposes and given Labour want to chase companies who pay little or no tax in the U.K. but asked Experian, who in the past have paid no tax but got tax credits from the government in the U.K. to get the information for Labour, then it highlights that nowhere is safe if you continue to give your information out.
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