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  1. After my workshop break in a few years ago now, I've been slowly rebuilding it ( with a year out on health grounds) with an Italian theme.. All Ducati Ferrari and Alfa etc..

    I lost £5700 worth of tools and bike gear etc and only got a cheque for £1200 from the insurance even though we had every kind of policy, been with the Pru for 25 years with no previous claims. Beware of any small print I say..

    Anyway one of those pieces of sporting memrobelia that I'm really struggling to replace is this freebie print which was handed out as freebies at dealers to celebrate Casey Stoner's Moto GP title win in 2007 on board the GP07

    This is a photo of the actual print before it was framed and then nicked...


    If anyone has one available please PM me as I’d be more than happy to pay for one..

    PS... a couple of years ago I originally posted this request.. Been searching without sucess ever since, even wrote to many Ducati dealers, without luck..

    I know it’s only a freebie print but I value some things greatly...

    Appreciate your previous help so much, truly means a great deal to me..

    Many thanks

    Noods x

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  2. 20180526_094229.jpg iv these if this helps. 20180526_094226.jpg
  3. Wont part with nicky but i will part with the brat lol
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  4. Good luck with your search. Thread featured and made a sticky :)
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  5. Good luck with your search dude :cool::upyeah:
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  6. No probs...i thought i had the one your after but cant find it.....i did give some away back in the day.
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  7. Sorry to hear about your loss, it's a sad thing when nothing is safe. I returned after living in Australia for 43 years and I'm amazed the amount of thieves in this country. 43 years in Australia nothing stolen 5 years in the UK bike stolen twice not from lack of security. Feel safer on the streets of Bangkok than Birmingham
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  8. What was the size of it, @Noods ?

    And is what I see in the photo what it was really like? - ie not really detailed in the black areas?

    I assume it wasn't bleached out where it goes light - it's just photo flash perhaps?

    Because if you can wait I reckon I can repro it in oils - does that help?

    Here's one I did for my next door neighbour earlier this year - it's about 20" x 16". It took about six months allowing for the paint to dry at various stages.


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  9. Bloody el a AL that’s awesome....

    Yes it’s just washed out by the flash.. and yes what you see is it too.. how much would that cost then ?
    It was approx SRA2 size which I think is about 420 x 596 mm ..
  10. I could do it at approx 400 x 500 mm (that's the size of the nearest canvas I have).

    Cost? - well, sharp intake of breath........... ;)

  11. And? X
  12. that cool as fuck... why oils though? took a class in oil painting many years back and got so fed up with the dry time and what not I gave up on the idea... love the smell though!
  13. PM sent - you will see why.

  14. You fancy me don’t you....
    Understandable I guess really.. x
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  15. Only a class - oh well........

    I do most of my stuff in oils....I can make it dry fast, but it can lose it's shine.
  16. You can eff off straight away if you think that :eek:
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  17. was a 12 week class, 2 hours 2 nights per week .. just couldn't get the feel for it...