Can Anyone Help Please....

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  1. Oh well ( As Fleetwood Mac said).........Nevermind (As Nirvana said)...........

    I am not an artist, really - more an illustrator; but I couldn't bring myself to do paintings of motorcycle greats or vintage / retro stuff in poster paints and watercolour. I find acrylics absolute crap when supposedly like oils. But I use them with airbrush with good results.
  2. As Chizel said c a f.
    I'd love to be able to illustrate (paint) like that, you gifted, self taught or combination of both Arq ?
  3. Possibly a combination; but one helped the other to be mostly self taught.
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  4. Thank you for your help especially you AL... a kind soul has offered me a print though, different background yes but same shot...


    Thank you all though once more.. x
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  5. OK Noods - Do you want the new one PShopped to look like the original? (I suspect you can do that anyway if you wanted it done).

  6. Very impressive. Nice one.
  7. No mte I’m happy as is tbh.. but thank you mte ...
  8. Noods, look at ebay item
    it is being offered by Protwins, seems a very similar pic but reversed somehow?
  9. This is a book :thinkingface:
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  10. Clicking on Noods avatar and not a lot happening:thinkingface:
  11. He has gone suspiciously quiet he must be laying low planning his next move.
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  12. He has left the forum for a break and to hopefully get better with his troubles :thinkingface: I wish him well - he's a cool dude :cool::heart:
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  13. Noods has taken a break from the forum
    I am in touch with him I can pass on any messages to him
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  14. Hopefully working on that soon to be beautiful 916:thinkingface::)
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  15. Just send him our best.
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