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Featured Cannot Leave Out The Guzz

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by dave slowley, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. also known as the 2 wheeled transit van or the Italian sea anchor,. DSC_4857.JPG
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  2. Welcome to the Forum Dave :upyeah:
  3. it a war club compared to the two ducati stilettos.lovely bike but its heeeeavy.
  4. Thread moved
  5. Still, at least it's better than a push bike..
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  6. you wouldnt fit 2 of those abreast down a narrow country lane thats for sure!!!
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  7. Which is more than any of the bikes are!
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  8. IMG-20190429-WA0004.jpg
    how about my little baby honda 250 4 pot screams up to 16,000 40 horse @14,500. sounds unreal.
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  9. love the fro
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  10. NO!!! thats nasty!!! but great fun id imagine.. had a lil cbr250rr years ago.. that red lined at 19000 but you could take it to 21000 no prob! again, nasty but fun!
    i like the guzzy, not my cuppa but i like em, if that makes sense?
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  11. yes its an illness ,it really is; i should buy a 2cv......
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  12. lovely lovely lovely :)
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  13. 6070BE5C-B125-4F0D-B6F0-F3FDAF19EA28.jpeg
    Loved my old V50.
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  14. It's clear you have some taste Dave, somethings not quite right with your S/L though. IMG_20200410_114124.jpg
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  15. Cheeky monkey nothing wrong with retail red!

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  16. Always liked those Guzzi’s, I get what your saying about the weight but it doesn’t matter really horses for courses and all that, I had a CBR1000F as a winter hack, 609lb fuelled up but I loved riding it, plus it made my 900ss feel even lighter!
  17. I have been spoiled by my fabulous little honda 250/4 pot as my day to day such fun.
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  18. Love a Guzzi
  19. @El Toro is this your neighbour slow Dave or another unrelated Dave
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