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Car Front Facing Camera's

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by noobie, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. I know most of you have cars as well as bikes but I wonder, given how often we see these dodgy fekkers on tv seeking false claims, if any of you have bought dash cams to protect yourself whilst you drive?

    If you have, what model did you buy, what made you choose that particular model and has it worked as you expected since buying it?
  2. I bought a front and rear for my Mini to stop it getting vandalised it isn't plugged in live but appears so. No more scratches, I placed a 4G camera sticker on the windscreen too as a favoured trick for some is if they hit your parked car they break in to steal the camera.
  3. Bought a Nextbase 522GW with optional rear camera.
    Works well, though did need a soft reset in the heat the other day.
    Have routed the cables away so a nice clean install and bought a power line kit for about a fiver off eBay to run it from the fuse box so it auto powers off after 5 mins.
    Also has parking mode so if the car is disturbed it will record front and back for a while so you can see the fucker who did it.
    Have mine set to turn the screen off after 30 seconds so I pretty much forget it’s there.
  4. The latest Garmin car dash cams get very good reviews too.
  5. My other half has a garmin sat nav, which is also a dash cam.
    Gives a good picture.
    You can also get a wireless reversing camera add-on for it. ( takes power from rear lights)
  6. Have a look at WiFi enabled dash cams. They usually don’t have screens and can be tucked up behind the mirror out of sight. The camera can be viewed live time on your phone via an app and the footage can also be downloaded via WiFi (or take the SD card out) Get one that uses sticky pads not a suction cup. Don’t buy a huge SD card. 16gb is sufficient. As said, hardwiring is the best way to install and piggy back fuses make the job easy. Remember to format the SD card periodically.
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  7. I have 'em in all our cars. Most are Mio. I also have nextbase and one whose make I cannot recall. I have used them for a few years now, I see so many dicks on the road that it seemed common sense to use them. Stay away from the cheap chinese cameras cos they are crap.
  8. I have a Panasonic in mine. About £200 fitted. Ì bought it on tthe name, the cd card was small capacity so I've installed a 32 mb one. Has a few bells and whistles GPS, speed plus will start recording if car knocked when parked. So I've started parking my car facing the street now.:)

  9. I have found that the people who have the cams in the front windscreens are often the worse drivers.
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  10. My car has one fitted as standard. Never used it.
  11. I avoided the minor detail & went for a MRAP vehicle for my own safety noobie_mossad.
    Which you would know stand for 'Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected' a term for united states military light tactical ....blah blah I can literally drive over other vehicles. Got a great deal from a corrupt american police unit which 'got them cheap' from a ex-surplus cia suppier. It was with deep disapointment that Mr Putin didn't allow me a Ural Typhoon, which he stated would "blow my cover" in a personal email exchange with love & kisses at the end & strangly at the beginning.
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  12. I've used cheap ebay specials in the past and they do the job.

    Following an accident a few years ago where an Ambulance on Blues and Twos ran straight into the back of me whilst I was stationary at a junction, then claimed 2 months later I'd pulled out in front of them, I'd only use a 2-channel unit with an additional rear view camera now.
    Luckily in the above case the Police photographs from the scene proved I couldn't have done what they said I'd done, and was completely different to the statement the Ambulance driver gave them at the scene. But it would have been easy with a rear view camera.

    I have a Blackvue DR590 2-channel fitted to my Discovery now, which is fantastic, and can be set to record for a period of time after the ignition goes off, but it's not the cheapest option.

    I only use the fitted cameras on my Disco for hitching up my trailer and reversing, as they are crap compared to the Blackvue.

  13. record with no car movement/ignition off, is the exact facility I need above all Nasher, not knowing much about them, I don't know if this is common to all of them/only some of them. It should be common to all of them else they are missing an important sales pitch.
  14. Weeeell..That may be the case with some drivers lol.

    I have passed advanced tuition and taken advanced tests on two wheels and four wheels and I still hold an ADI licence (driving instructor). I am not claiming to be the best driver in the world and of course I make occasional mistakes. I learn from em though and never repeat the same error twice. I take periodic refresher training to stay sharp.
    I can state from a position of knowledge though, I am not a BAD driver, even with more camera's than the BBC :D
    Good and bad in all things. I have camera's purely because of the bad, not to post on Facebook and bitch about people. ;)
  15. Chris
    Blackvue sell a timer unit separately that can be set to continue recording from I think 5mins after ignition off to constant.
    It should work with any camera.
    I cut the stupid Ciggy lighter plug off and hardwired it.

    I owe you a call anyway, sorry got distracted for a few days, so will mention it then.

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  16. no hurry with the call, it's all good. :upyeah:
  17. I have this set up too. I bought one after the Brother in law was forced into a ditch by an oncoming car whose driver then denied he was on the wrong side of the road coming round a sharp bend. BiL's dash cam proved he lied in court. I forget it's there but it's nice to know i'll be able to review the footage if anything happens.
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  18. It isn't common to all from what I recall when taking advice when purchasing mine, also as I stated earlier it isn't unknown for anyone who needs to stealing your camera as a means of removing the evidence.
  19. Snooper DVR 3HD, which is now old now they do a version 4&5.
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