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Carb Cleaning

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by ck_uk, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Any recommendations on what I should do with my carbs? While they are out of the frame, is it worth having them ultrasonically cleaned? If so, is it an expensive process?

    Thanks for any advice
  2. Yes, definitely. I have no idea what it costs as I have my own ultrasonic cleaner but I shouldn't think it would be terribly expensive.
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  3. It's not expensive and most bike shops may well have an ultrasonic cleaner.
    If you're going that route, when you take it all apart make a note of settings as you dismantle.

    You might also want to look at getting a whole rebuild kit for the re-assembly.

    I used these guys in Thailand, very cheap and the seals are Viton. I've bought several bits off them and they're a good reliable source for the ground up rebuild where you need spindle seals etc.

    For the sake of 20 quids I'd do the diaphragms as well so you fully recondition the whole assemply. you can get then from NRP if Ducati don't sell them
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  4. What size UScleaner is it Derek? I've been looking at these things but just not sure what size would be the most practical, or make. Does one pay a lot for a large one the full capacity of which would only be used very occasionally, or get a smaller one that's a whole load cheaper:thinkingface:
  5. I have sent my 40 year old mikuni carb away to a Suzuki dealer for ultra S cleaning, replacing any & all parts seals etc that have reached retirement age, reassembling and shipping all for £40 inc VAT. It will probably be the only big carb clean/ restore it ever needs.
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  6. I've had it a number of years. It's not unsimilar to this one off Amazon. Big enough to contain one carb, then turn them over to do the other one so you don't have to split them. Remove all the jets etc. and do them at the same time.
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  7. Thanks Derek
  8. being a tight arse I simply had a 5 litre pot, put the bits in a mild cleaning solution in the pot, then secured a flat wall sander with many rubber bands to secure the sander to the pot then turned it on. left it on for an hour and worked okay for me

    similar to this but I put the sander on the side

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  9. but, did it work?
  10. Wiki talk alot about the process; tranducers, agitation, electrical signal oscillating at ultrasonic frequency, enormous energy temperatures and pressures on the order of 5,000 K and 135 MPa are achieved.

    Black & Decker are really missing a trick by not telling us their sanders (with a bit of duct tape & a coffee tin) can do the same!

    Still Noobies experiment reminded me of sailing. When I wanted to get dishes or pots & pans super clean, I used to sling them in a fishing net attached to my yacht with a rope and toss them over the side whilst sailing. That worked really well!
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  11. yes
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  12. ..spot the american plug..
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  13. have the carbs done properly .... phone them ask for Matt, he is very helpful & wont rip you off.. ask him for a price for cleaning [ not refurbishing]
  14. I use Wynns Carb Cleaner (£5.00 per can).

    It is similar in some ways to brake cleaner but it doesn't evaporate as quickly.

    That means you can soak some parts in it for quite some time if you can close the container they are in.

    It also means you can blast the outside and inside very well (but wear goggles or shut your eyes tight - it stings like hell).

    When you give it a blast it spits and crackles quite violently......don't know if that means it is doing something or not, but it sounds effective.

    Don't get it on any paintwork.
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  15. I've found that carb cleaner also works really well for cleaning green verdigris from corroded electrical connectors.
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  16. and it will strip paint eventually......

    ..............but paint stripper is cheaper, as is brake fluid......
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