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Carbon Carla V.2.1 (monster S4)

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Zhed46, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. This is how she looks at the moment since the fitment of @bettes carbon fibre wheels, a Motogadget dash, a new trick headlight and a pair of Supercorsas.

    Ironically, given her name, she doesn't have her best carbon fibre frock on as the tank has sprung a leak, so that's a steel tank and OE plastic seat unit with a rattle can spray job.

    Next stage(s):

    - Swap the brand new Supercorsas back to old 2CTs so I can use her in the winter.

    - Get carbon tank repaired and refitted, along with the CF seat unit.

    - Headlight shroud cunningly fashioned from an S4 mudguard I have lying around.

    - Fork covers by Paolo Tex custom made in carbon.

    - 996 S4R engine swap (fingers crossed I am buying @dukesox bike as a donor).

    - Ohlins forks and radial brakes.

    FBBBFB8B-BD8E-46B3-9F08-3FD507CD12DE.jpeg BCD401A7-56BA-451D-BE1C-142CEFDC8207.jpeg FA15448C-F0B7-47A0-BCC2-EDD64C77A9EC.jpeg 2A444A3D-BA92-415D-AAB5-0AEDDCB20B01.jpeg

    I also feel at this point I should give a shout out to the workshop which has done the work on the bike which is beyond the scope of my skills or my facilities, ie: most of it (I only have an outdoor yard and a small shed, so very limited) - Ray Petty Meccanica/Death Machines of London (DMOL), in Greenwich. Unlike many places where they’re only interested in working on bikes where they can simply unbolt one part and fit an identical one in its place, Ray has a real “can do” attitude and rather than finding excuses for why something can’t be done, he finds creative solutions which bring my madcap ideas to fruition. His mechanic Max has the same approach and George the apprentice, likewise.

    Roy at Alchemy Parts in Potters Bar has also been an absolute star who has demonstrated forbearance above and beyond the call ofduty. For example, I must have bought but then following a change of mind, returned for a refund at least 60% of his headlight inventory alone over the past few years :rolleyes:
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  2. You lost the pictures as well as your insurance :eyes:
  3. Ta :):upyeah:
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  4. Looks badass. :cool:
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  5. Looks quite a lot like the V4 Fighter Ducati just released! In fact I had to abandon my original headlight design when I saw the first photos of the bike because it looked exactly the same as what I had planned.

    I strongly suspect industrial espionage on Ducati’s part, but I just can’t prove it.
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  6. Buell copied my Z1 suspension - they got round it by pulling their shock instead of compressing :rolleyes:

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  7. Still prefer the tea light prototype
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  8. Sorry mate. Naming your bike. Especially after a women. All street cred and respect gone.
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  9. Missed that. I thought it was pasta.
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  10. Should have called it something manly and worldly like derek
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  11. I didn’t name her! When I was stripping her down a few years ago, I found the name “Carla” engraved on the reverse side of a heat shield.

    I didn’t think she’d suit “Colin” or “Dave” tbh, so Carla just stuck ;)
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  12. Watch this space.....:upyeah:
  13. Got to love carbon fibre wheels
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  14. especially naming her after my psycho ex!
  15. A Brazilian girl I dated a few years back told me that over there, Carla is kind of a slut’s name. :bucktooth:
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  16. Shit really? My new Brazillian girlfriend is called Carla!
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  17. And not just for the bling. The bike’s handling is not far off telepathic now. I’ve only ridden her 3 times since they were fitted and each time has been on cold and wet roads (with Supercorsas too, so far from ideal) but even just pootling around London the bike feels much livelier all round. Not only handling either - acceleration and braking have improved as well.
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  18. You’re in the clear. I just remembered - the girl was Brazilian but grew up in Portugal so I think it was actually Portuguese Carlas she was talking about. However, I seem to recall her also mentioning something about Carla being a popular name for post-op transsexuals as well, but I can’t recall if that was in Brazil or Portugal, though I imagine you’ll find out for yourself soon enough :p
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  19. I have BST Rapidtek on my 1299 for track use, just brilliant
  20. Ha, once bagged off with a whore in Rio and she was called Carla! Sounds like they're all called fekkin Carla!

    Christ, that was a while back :(
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