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  1. Had my car plugged into the diagnostic today and it would seem my problem is my DPF blocking up. Anyone used the carbon clean man? and what were you findings?
  2. What motor are we talking about ? I thought you were supposed to be able to regenerate them by heating them and using a catalyst. Andy
  3. Mercedes C250, 9 years old. The guy did mention the regeneration thingy but I don't do very many long trips?
  4. You can only regen if there are no fault codes in the ecu.
  5. Halfords tried to regenerate the DPF off my girlfriend’s son’s Maxda 3 but the original kit was known to be prone to total failure. Ended up buying an aftermarket clone for £600. I just googled it and according to the internet, you have passive and active DPF cleaning. Passive is done at normal operating temperatures, active at temperatures around 600 Celsius. It is a process that should take about 40 minutes plus retesting time. It’s one of those decisions, do I spend a bit in the hope of saving a lot but run the risk of still ending up replacing the DPF. @finm was clued up about the problems with the old Mazda, hopefully he can offer advice for the Mac. Andy
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  6. I remember watching wheeler dealers when Ed used a similar thing called terraclean, I don't know if anyone has used them before?
  7. My mrs had this come up on her 1 series... Before you buy anything get onto a dual carriageway and drive it like a petrol car holding gears for much longer and sit at 70+ in a lower gear than normal so the engine is working hard... It worked for ours.. After 15 minutes or so got a big puff of smoke and what I thought was tiny pieces of something on fire flash out the back and all was fine.... Particulate filter regenerated and car has been fine ever since..
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  8. I do this regularly in my Suzuki Grand Vitara which are notorious for clogging their DPFs. It works.
    Doesn't help that I've had mine remapped which improves the fuel economy by increasing bottom end torque which means you short-shift and are less inclined to rev it. You need to make the effort to work the engine and it will run clean. Luckily I don't do much urban driving so I get plenty of opportunity.
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  9. Had to go to the city today so run the engine as mentioned above. I kept looking in my rear view mirror for a puff of black smoke? will see how it goes over the next few days to see if that has worked?
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  10. you can get the dpf taken off and cleaned out, i have done it with a pressure washer in the past. there's a company offering a dpf cleaning service for around 200squid up my way but you still have to have it removed and sent to them, seems to dear to me. active regen costs 40pounds plus vat at my place but you can do it by driving. google it for you model. a wee bit of advise, use low sulfur diesel, use good oil and keep the level below the max line, kick the shit out of it regularly. you dont need to drive at 100mph, just use 4th gear more often and dont change up to soon.
    oh, and mazda diesels are pish, all of em. 1900 and 2200cc.
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