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Featured Chi Dorme Non Piglia Pesci

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by XH558, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. A few of you're aware that i recently purchased another motorcyle,well it's the delectable,intoxicating Ducati 998R that needs no introduction whatsoever and is probably the all time best from the 916 series.
    I've to say the bike was not on my radar because in recent times the marketprice prices had climbed considerably more that i'd normally spend on one single motorbike.
    The Chase;
    It all happened on friday evening when i usually just switch on the P.C,but changed tack & knocked up a salad and poured a cold one,vegged out in front of the box for a hour,so shock / horror when i'd view Ebay a hour later,there it was winking at me come and buy me.
    Phoned the seller and he said it had been listed for around the hour mark (hence the thread title) & within thirty odd minutes later with the metal to the floor i was on site chin wagging away with the fairings removed for a closer inspection asking questions etc.Anyway we could not agree on the sale price so i walked away.
    Saturday morning i received a unexpected phonecall from the seller and said i'd pay a tiny bit more & that's it,once i arrived back at basecamp i did a HPI check & a deal was completed.Money transfer done and collected monday evening............happy boy.:):upyeah:
    The next challenge was to locate the mislaid parts,clutch & sprocket covers i've them now,commemorative plaque.
    Well i found the original owner and meet up with him and had a natter for over a hour (lovely chap) and he has the plaque in his possession,but unfortunately not releasing it just yet.:sob:............watch this space folks.

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  2. Very nice XH
    I think you might have loaded pics twice :grinning:
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  3. Thanks and yes i went away for a minute and they disappeared before i'd load up,can you fix for me please.?
  4. it's red
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  5. Chris,It just wouldn't look the same in any other colour.
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  6. Jesus christ you will need to see a dentist PDQ before they all fallout:eek:....but i do agree on the plaque comment that's why i purchased it,at least i found it alive and well.;)
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  7. That is brilliant mate, congratulations. I am very jealous, this is the pinnacle of the line IMHO.
    Stunning. :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
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  8. Thanks mate and totally agree with you,i'm just waiting on new tyres before i can have a proper rideout,as the other day i nearly crashed with that square rear tyre and tire pressures unchecked at 15psi below what they should be.:blush:
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  9. very nice mate well done. :upyeah:
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  10. Beautiful bike, very well done. I am sure that is a keeper.
    Just one minor point... did Ducati not make these? (Posted in “other bikes”).
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  11. Sorry i'm a bit backwards,please explain yourself.:thinkingface:
  12. Why on earth would he not release the plaque - or at least sell it to you? It belongs with the bike!
    And the 996R is best as it is a Homologation bike for WSB and the 998R isn't as well you know ;)
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  13. :p
  14. He's all giddy o_O
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  15. Hi, sorry, I just thought, Italian title posted in other bikes.
    Not so many might take a look, but if posted in Ducati 9** section, or Ducati general, a bigger section, more will see it. Mods usually move stuff about to keep it all tidy anyway.
  16. Both are very nice and that question is debatable all day long which model is better,before we parted i did discuss that and was concerned that it would be lost forever,also i suggested money as the last resort,i guess i was lucky to have his telephone number and he was on the end of it in the first place.......it's down to him now.
  17. Know any burglars?;)
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  18. Why does he want it and why did someone buy the bike off him and not ask for it - seems odd :thinkingface:
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  19. All for that lift promotion if you think that will work.? @El Toro ?
  20. Moved
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