Christmas Adverts

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by HyperMac, Nov 8, 2019 at 4:45 PM.

  1. They all normally make my toes curl , but I have to say I do quite like this one. o_O
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  2. Is it a Christmas advert: I missed that bit.

    On the bright side, Easter Eggs have just arrived in our local Co-op!
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  3. Allegedly so yes. And yep I know it’s just November.
    I’m just a sucker for Simple Minds o_O
  4. They are a "thing" apparently.
    No 2 daughter actually said last night she can't wait for the John Lewis one - she even knew when roughly in Nov they released it last year.
    Made me feel really quite smug about my motorcycle addiction.
  5. Usually after 11th November even Christmas adverts are starting early

    Argos wish list circle your favourites like you did when you were a kid hence the advert
  6. Hot cross buns soon watch this space :D

  7. Anyone for simnell cakes?
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  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,chocolate.
  9. what's that cakes with jizz on them ?
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  10. bukkake
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