Christmas Tips

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Char, Nov 25, 2017.

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  2. I think they should make Christmas like the world cup and only have it every 4 years therefore making it more special.

    Countries could even bid to host Christmas. I'm already looking forward to the Qatar Christmas...
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  3. Cancel it and go back to work. Winter's long enough already.
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  4. bar humbug!! :mad:
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  5. near 2weeks off, kids excited, time to catch up with mates, bonfires and gluhwien, near 2weeks off, walking in the snow capped hills and back to a bottle of malt, if yer lucky a bit of snowboarding, even if its only by being dragged behind a quad or sumit. and near two weeks off.
    whats wrong with you people?
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  6. I think darn sarf we have most christmas's without snow and apart from a little chilly, it tends to be sunny so perhaps the full xmas effect doesn't set in. It's about the grandkids and nothing more, love it. Could do with it not starting in August though.
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  7. Enjoy the time off work

    But hate the commercial rip off / fleecing the public that occurs
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  8. Agree with ken....stuff i dont adverts before xmas day...dunno why but that gets on my wick (depressing if anything) - i used to hate it when they appeared on boxing day....

    On the other hand....i love the time off points...

    1. Its time off where i dont have to drag kids through airports and coach trips to hotels/villa's etc etc.
    2. The house is stocked with tons of shitty bad-for-you-food.
    3. Kids are happy as theyve got new stuff to play with. So, in turn i get a bit of piece and quiet (theyre past the age of me on the sitting room floor building diggers/lego/dolls houses/scelextric etc etc
    4. Wife happy as we're all at home.
    5. No out of hours work (Weekends/evenings)
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  9. Nothing wrong with any of that. Sounds great. A time to chill and enjoy midwinter instead of just enduring it is absolutely fine by me. It would be nice to be left alone to get on with it but instead winter has been hijacked by artificiality, kitschiness, tinsel and jingle bells and spend spend spend bollox.
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  10. We could all make it more special by only celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, instead of more than 3 F'kin months.

    Steve R
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  11. Atleast I have this Christmas off. Worked the last 5.
  12. deffo a lot of pressure to spend. which tbh, i dont mind .i am a tightwad for most of the year, and i seem to have trained myself not to hanker after things i cant afford. just getting out there with time on yer hands is majical enough. i dont want gifts, just booking in to a good hotel for a few days somewhere around avimore for the full snow effect and or getting the kids to a city, like edinbro again this year for the lights and fairgrounds for 48hrs or more. superb. :upyeah:. cant wait.
    saying that, crimbo also means a visit from the mother in law. hmm, :(.
  13. I have this Christmas off but I had to fight for it. Wondering why I bothered now, I detest this time of year : o )

    Loved it when my kids were young though, I have to say.
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  14. Christmas to me always means driving. I'm always expected to go somewhere for an enormous meal I don't enjoy and it takes all day. For years its meant driving 20 miles to my brother's house with Mother and umpteen bags and boxes of gifts and various dishes of food which no one will be able to eat. Add to that several lost weekends traipsing round streets infested with people buying gifts no one needs and I've come to dread the whole thing. I put my foot down a couple of years ago and opted out altogether. They do it without me now and instead I have a day to myself.
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  15. 2 weeks of chaos for 2 days off.
    Traffic gridlock
    parking mayhem
    supermarket crazyness
    xmas music on repeat.
  16. You're a grumpy bastard, Gimlet.

    Please send instructions on how you managed it.
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  17. A little harsh but I'm assuming 1 barbecued child would serve as enough warning to any others that may be left!
  18. i'v kind of insiste we have the inlaws round here now, mostly because of the driving thing. i hate, no, i detest living to a clock. i like to go at my own rate on holiday, no plans. get up early with the kids, sneak a cheeky one in to my first coffee then spend the whole day just topping it up. v.nice. did i mention near 2weeks off. oh yah beauty. :upyeah:
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  19. I have to behave at Christmas :( I break up on the 15th until after the new year but the Czech contingency fly in from Prague on the 17th and are here for the duration :worried:
    At least I'm not at work o_O
    And whomever the current girlfriend is tends to get pissed off with the invasion so I save on present money there :innocent: it's started already so deffo save this year too :eyes:
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  20. A bit extreme, I was going to have pigs in blankets myself. I miss my brother at christmas, he was the only one who ate sprouts and we used to push ours on his plate when mum wasn't looking.


    I can't see that catching on fin, is it a Scottish thing?
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