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Clattery Top End.

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Steve Hoy, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Greetings. I don't know if anyone else has experiences this but my 750ss has recently been clattering. I investigated. When I turned the engine over by hand there was a clicking sound coming from around the vertical cylinder. I then shimmed the valves. It was during this process that I discovered that the sound went away when the rocker cover was off the vertical cylinder inlet. It came back when the cover was replaced.
    I can only assume that the inlet valve seat has worn so much that the rocker arm is tapping the inside of the rocker cover. I don't know if anyone else has had this or has a different explanation? Cheers
  2. Is there a witness in the cover?
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  3. Are you turning the engine over by hand each time?
  4. Thanks for your replies.

    I thought there was a small mark on the inside of the cover but when I wiped the oil away i couldn't see it anymore. It had not been clattery for many miles.

    I was turning the engine by hand each time I did each valve and checked its movement.

  5. Did you turn it over by hand with the cover on?
  6. I turned it over with the cover off -no sound and with the cover on - sound.
  7. Put 2 gaskets under the cover
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  8. Are you using the standard gasket?
  9. Yes new standard gaskets.
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  10. Is clatter consistent or worse warming up or worse when hot?
  11. I first noticed it when the engine was hot but now it's constant.
  12. not ruling out something touching but is it possible sound is more amplified when it's enclosed? I've had piston slap clatter on a vertical cylinder 750 2 valve before but it's rare.
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  13. I get where you're coming from Chris but the sound is totaly absent with the cover off and very noticable with it on. I'm just turning the engine over via the rear wheel and there's a very noticable click.
  14. I think I would do same as Sev suggested and study hard for witness signs of touching. Have you tried swapping top cover for lower out of interest?
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  15. Hi Steve
    I would try degreasing the inside of the rocker cover and then sticking some electrical insulating tape on the inside.
    When you reassemble and turn over by hand if there is any interference then this should def show it.
    If there is no mark then how about removing the vertical belt and turning the camshaft by hand to see if you can feel any clicking.
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  16. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them when I get some time ( Hopefully later today) and report back.
  17. Did you replace collets/half rings?
  18. To me , that says it all ...... there is surely some mechanical contact happening .

    No marks inside the cover does not prove that there is no contact ,
    but the opposite situation is proof .

    Give it a couple of thousand miles and I'm sure you will see a shiny spot ....
    .... :)
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  19. Grind the top of the rocker off.....
  20. not strictly true either though..
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