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Cleaning Corrosion Off Ali Parts.

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Bonkers the Dog, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. So, I am going to remove the large locking nuts, plated, jesus-clips and the rest on the axles of my 848 and spruce them up.

    My question is...whats the best DIY cleaner?

    I have the following available to me in the hoos:

    Harpic, caustic soda (Mr Muscle Oven cleaner), white vinegar, citric acid, good old metal polish.

    I do not have a parts washer, or a U/S bath.

    If I decide to clean the chain as well will any of these chemicals have an adverse effect on the O rings?

    So, are there any cleaning gurus out there? What do you think would work the best?

    Cheers in advance

  2. There is a whole forum thread, Bike Chat/cleaning and detailing. Don't whatever you do, use any of the things you mention on the chain, you will kill it. Current most effective/least harmfil, over the counter spray can cleaner I have found is the WD40 Chain Cleaner and I use a nylon bristle kitchen sink brush and terry towling. Andy
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  3. Ta, why not the chemicals? Too aggressive?
  4. Buy a bottle of elbow grease, smells like lemon and really good at shifting grime.
    Also get a good stiff nylon brush to loosen up the caked on crud.
  5. Detrimental to the integrity of the sealing rings over time and, if I remember my metallurgy lectures from 50 years ago, you could also remove any corrosion inhibitor. Andy
  6. Roger al that folks,ta.
  7. I've used acf-50 on aluminium engine casings in the past works well and protects it from further corrosion.
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  8. You could try filling a receptacle with coke and dunk them in there for a day or two first before you get the big guns out.
    Has to be proper coca cola as the cheap stuff wont cut it.
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  9. Vinegar and aluminium foil work on aluminium parts (with elbow grease). Simply scrunch up some foil dip it in vinegar and rub the corroded area. Finish with autosol.

    Dremels with the appropriate bit & polish save on the elbow grease.

    However, if the parts are zinc plated (I don’t know on the 848) you’ll just take off what’s left of the plating with the corrosion, best to get it replated.

    For the chain, paraffin, stiff brush, repeat, old towel.
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