1299 Clear Clutch Cover Installation?

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  1. Anybody installed Ducabike (or similar) clear clutch on a 1299 base model? Any issues I might face when doing this? Is it a DIY job or is it best to let the professionals do it when I need my first service?

  2. Does this help?
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  3. Thanks @Ducatim_9. It`s almost too good to be true, is it really that easy to to it? No oil spillage or anything? :)
  4. It is that easy, yes.

    I fitted one to my 1199 and removed it a couple of rides later, I hated the way it misted up with condensation and the oil splashed everywhere (funnily enough, with it being a wet clutch). I felt it was a total waste of money.
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  5. 20k plus on a bike and no evidence of decent tool kit. Not a torque wrench in sight.
  6. Guys, i followed this. But in neutral the clutch plate just spins, in gear in wants to pull, hard, need to brake and wouldn't go back in neutral. Any ideas?