1260 Clearwater Darla Led Light Plug-n-play System Beta ...

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  1. Yesterday I loaded up the 1260 S to take her up to Clearwater Lights tomorrow, to let their engineering team use her for a mule to develop the plug-n-play Darla LED system for Multistradas.

    This morning, I drove up to Sacramento to Clearwater's offices, and had Glenn and team use my 1260 S as a test mule, for them to install the plug-n-play Darla LED system.

    They tested their new "CANopener" canbus module, which worked perfectly ... so today was a big step forward.

    After the first of the new year, I'll take the 1260 back up to their offices, and have them install a production CANopener module (which will be potted in a sealed/waterproof small package), which will bring this beta system up to full production.

    As always, Clearwater's products and installation work is superb.

    For those not familiar with Clearwater LEDs, clearwaterlights.com

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  2. [​IMG]
    Not sure this kind of thing catches on here.
    Great lights not anywhere about how waterproof they are but I guess if you live in Colorado it's ok.
  3. Have you seen the prices! I could buy enough fuel to ride a few thousand miles rather than having some kitchen lights on my front forks that spoil the beautiful lines of my Ducati.
    Each to their own I suppose.
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  4. people do often say the cheapest thing on a Ducati is the owner.
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  5. They do look a bit like, I've effin paid for them and now I've sold the bmw gs, they are going to go on every single bike I have
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  6. Why would add unsprung weight?
  7. Personal comment here, but I think they look awful down there on the forks.

    The lights themselves look to be very high quality and would make more sense being mounted where the Ducati ones go.

    Do you have any pictures of them at night and what they add over the stock headlight?
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  8. My gawd they are beyond expensive even when compared to the ridiculous denali offerings.

    Let america be great again by its own self indulgence & belief one must only support american products.
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  9. Lol....
  10. $539.00?! i'm sure they're great and all, but that's alotta cake to be throwing at lights.
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  11. They must of rubbed shoulders with some utterly posh brit's & been given the advice. Slap an extremely large price tag on anything & they'll be the consumers wishing to brag about the how much they spent on it.

    Dr.jones; if you'd have clicked on the multistrada far set of lights they are over $1000!!
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  12. I usually don't like running with the heard but I have to agree that adding lights to a Panigale is a waste of good money.
    First and foremost, the Panigale's lights are cosmetic. It's a track bike. If anything, lights should be removed and not the opposite.

    Don't misunderstand me here. I absolutely loved my Panigale for what it is however, Ducati makes much better streetbikes than the Pani.

    Unfortunately, I could not justify having three bikes with very little track time per season. I'll be using the Monster for that now. Moreover, I may even use the Multistrada and hope to embarrass a few sport bikes in the process.

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  13. or, one can purchase lighting by Lucas ... Prince of Darkness.

    frankly, i don't give two fecks where a product is manufactured ... if it's of high quality and a good value.
  14. picked up the Ducati light mounting brackets, rubber pads, and screws yesterday from my local dealership. will be getting the required dimensions to machine up the adaptor spacers in the next week or so.

    1 - L/H bracket p/n - 97610231AA
    1 - R/H bracket p/n - 97610221AA
    2 - M6x25 p/n - 77251033B
    4 - rubber pads for the brackets p/n - 86610361A
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  15. That is one amazingly ugly device. How to spoil the looks of your Multistrada quickly - but not cheaply. Why would anyone even consider fitting this, especially as the OEM lamps are pretty good anyway?
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  16. hey Pete ... feck off, you wanker.
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  17. Now then boys... if John likes them then it's his choice.
    I'll admit I prefer the original Ducati extra lights and the position they mount under the fairing but I agree these look very well made and it's good of John to share in case someone else wants some.
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  18. In 2012 I added the Darla's to wife's f650gs BMW. Her stock light was yellowish and not easily seen. I followed Clearwater's instructions for can bus applications and everything has worked perfectly. When you shut the bike down the can bus turns the lights off in a minute or so. Usually I'm leading our group and her bike is very visible to me. Have ridden with them in cold, hot, rain, snow and no problems. Can't say how they are in the dark since we don't ride at night.
  19. John can you tell me how much the brackets were. I bought a set of OEM spots with brackets, but had to make my own as I have aftermarket crash bars that stopped me using OEM ones.
  20. Agreed.
    I do like a lot of light when riding at night. If ever I require more lighting, I would prefer to install something that's close to the OEM look and location as opposed to the lower forks.
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