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Co Meath Ireland

Discussion in 'Touring' started by michel couque, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Hi all.

    I have just popped over to Ireland for a few days, staying about 20 miles north of Dublin . I normally go to N Ireland mountains of Mourne for a little sortie, but does anyone know of nice country roads in my vicinity, looking for interesting roads and don’t mind making progress .
  2. Sorry you lost me? I am a computer numty ,
  3. N52 from Athlone up to Ardee is decent enough, particularly Mullingar to Athlone and back.
  4. Many thanks, I am currently based near Balbrigan
  5. Wrong side of the country for me to assist really, you’re better off asking @theskitz @CarloL . perhaps.

    There are several members from the Dublin area but I’m buggered if I can find them for you now. We ought to have a search function to find members by locality/town @Rob @El Toro

    You could also check out Ducati Owners Ireland


    I think many of them have a meet for breakfast/coffee Sunday mornings at Howth Harbour which is south of you but north of Dublin.

    Sorry I can’t be more help:(. Come further west, or even better south west, next time and I’ll be a mine of information:)
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  6. It was on the spur of the moment, cane from London via Snowdonia , country roads all the way. I concur the roads are more interesting the further you get away from Dublin area. Here they are too boring or very windy and narrow , not ideal.
  7. Hi Michael some super roads all around Wicklow but you would be heading back south towards wexford if you jumped onto the M1 south bound then the M50 as far as the N11 you get of at kilmacanoge and head up towards Roundwood then onto Laragh and Glendalough all nice roads and a decent place for a bite to eat you could head over the Wicklow gap to Hollywood then back the N81 to the M50 to bring you back to balbriggan , but if you are in Glendalough and fancy a longer spin there is any amount of mountain twistys to enjoy ! its about 40 miles to get off the main roads but you could play all day in the hills once you are there its very picturesque hence its name as the garden of Ireland ! where you are Michael is a bit flat alright . hope that's some help
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  8. Many thanks, I do know those areas, also had a blast in the hills with a proper Subaru, an experience I will never forget! In truth I was looking for a shorter decent ride nearer me as I have people who want to be taken for a ride, but 2-3 hours max etc, just such a pain skirting Dublin , and as I live in London I really want to stay away from any urbanisation. Hence my route to ireland from London via the cotswolds and into wales on country roads, my kinda thing .
  9. I thought I might be a lonely bike on the ferry.... bloody hell how wrong can you get ! Quite an awesome sight, some wonderful machines , like a mad max film set.





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  10. Not really familiar with the east coast, more of a West life kinda guy!
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