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Featured Collected My 888 Today

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by wastegate, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. All went well and a few pics, I hope meeting the exacting Forum requirements.

    A quick look through the pile of documentation shows it ran for 5 or 6 years with a registration of 888 NOB and belts were done in 2015 and an Electrex reg/rec fitted.... !eeek!. So no starting until its serviced on 1st August and reg/rec will be changed along with a new battery, clutch slave cylinder and the last original hose before then. A fair bit of sorting/tidying to be done too over the next year or so but I just want to get it smart and ridable first.

    Again apologies for Aylesbury councils lack of exciting colours ( and my rubbish photography ).
    Thanks for the welcome
    Wastey IMG_20200716_174412787.jpg
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  2. Wow a yellow 888 only thought they came in red welcome to the Ducati forum
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  3. Is that the one that’s been sale for quite a while on eBay? Looks a beaut
  4. That’s lovely
  5. Well done Wastey. Welcome to the 851 and 888 club!
  6. I like the reveal!
    i'm rather jealous, looks lovely and even more so in yellow for some reason. :upyeah:
  7. great and best colour
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  8. Welcome there, that bike looks really nice indeed, a minter :upyeah:
  9. Welcome dude, lovely motor :upyeah:
  10. Absolutely fantastic I couldn’t ask for more a 888 and bins :heart_eyes:

    A big welcome into our mad house :blush:
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  11. It has been for sale off and on since 2018 and is not an original colour. The story was a previous owner loved yellow and had it sprayed to match his yellow Ferrari. From the pile of documents my wife tracked him down on facebook and he does indeed have photo's of lots of yellow vehicles, including a Ferrari sometime in the past and a yellow Multistrada. It helps that Mrs Wastey loves bees, her bright yellow & black Skoda Monte Carlo ( Miss Bumble ) and bikes as well ( we honeymooned touring through France penniless but on our brand new Laverda Jota back in `82 ).

    I think the camera is being rather kind. I have seen some beautiful bikes that people have restored on here and not sure I have the skill's or application to do anything like that.

    Thanks for the nice comments, hoping for not too many nasty surprises and not to post too many dopey pleas for advice on here over the next few weeks. Its great to find such a huge group of enthusiasts willing to help and share their knowledge in this current online world .... but in my experience many Ducatisti have always been rather like that.
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  12. Bellissimo!!:upyeah:
  13. The story was a previous owner loved yellow and had it sprayed to match his yellow Ferrari.

    Hence the NOB reg number....
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  14. Nice looking bike...in the best colour, dont think theres many yella ones out there.
  15. A three stage tease...welcome on board.:upyeah:
  16. Everyone thinks you’re new :thinkingface: so welcome again :):upyeah:
    ps: try some other areas of the forum to post in o_O
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  17. Greetings! Thats a rather beautiful bike amigo.

    Could please you have a word with the bins. Obviously they kept moving about on the photoshoot, and the green haired on seems to have wandered off? Bit of discipline required if you don't mind my saying so...
  18. Bellissima motocicletta Ducati gialla. :heart:
    Whats going on the bins man? Green bin with a blue lid!? No wonder the country is on it's knees! :p
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  19. @wastegate Lovely bike, so much better (IMO) in yellow than red.
    I don`t understand though how you can critical of Aylesbury Vale Council when they have a rather lovely aqua blue lid on the green bin. Oh for such bin frivolity from Mid Beds District Council. The best we get is an orange lid on a black bin.
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