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Featured V2 Collected Today

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by aviating cud, Jul 2, 2021.

  1. Here it is at last. Got some mods to do and wait for the weather to improve as it’s raining all next week 3ADA1FD1-3337-437C-ADA7-BB2536189DDD.jpeg
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  2. What mods you doing out of curiosity? Seen some of your posts on a few things.
  3. Decal kit tomorrow. Brembo RCS m/c for clutch and brake(only because I have them off another bike), tail tidy with DP indicators, mirror block off with indicators when they arrive, throttle spacers, heat shield kit, renthal carrier and sprockets when available with gold chain, some carbon. Suspension over autumn/winter and maybe an exhaust and map.
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  4. Welcome in! I've got a few bits in the for sale section if you are interested.

    -R&G Bobbins for front axle
    -Ohlins TTX GP Shock in great condition, a really good upgrade
    -The full Ducati track fairing kit with blanking headlights and all the electrical connectors etc

    If any are of interest drop me a PM. I'm on holiday from Monday for a week but I'll check my messages.

  5. Oh, and spider rearsets.
  6. Oh nice bin ;)
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  7. Got to have a bin in the photo
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  8. You certainly do if you want to keep me happy :D
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  9. Futurismoto or NRC mirror block-offs?
    Me personality I love the design of the futurismoto stuff but the quality is subpar.
    I had one mirror-block-off replaced due to crappy design for the lid and now the replaced part broke as well.
    Also tail tidy is for 2020 V2 but gives fault reading on the screen and turns off rear light randomly.
    Friend with Streetfighter have had massive issues as well with cables simply falling off the tiny LED light for the license plate. He has two, both have the same issue.

    Really sad because they are the most beautiful parts you can get for bikes no doubt.

    (reason he has two, bought one for V4, does not fit properly on SFV4, bought one for SFV4 still no good fitment, seems SFV4 rear end is indeed a little bit tweaked compared to V2/V4)
  10. enjoy aviating_cud'
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  11. futurismoto for the block offs. Hope I don’t have any issues with them. EP tail tidy and DP indicators.
  12. great combination, the EP tail tidy is the best one by miles
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  13. I think so too. Still got to decide on bar end mirrors though.
  14. I saw some on a v2 at motorapido the other day and ashamed to say I didn’t make note of the brand, the block off indicators were also really smart, I should have done it to mine, the mirrors were shocking
  15. Thought I’d get them off before they break off.
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  16. I've got futurismoto block off indicators and so far haven't had an issue. The NRC ones look like something I'd knock up in the garage.
    I run Rizoma Spy-r 60 mirrors, they are tiny but I find work better than originals. Surprising how much I can actually see with them
    Enjoy your new toy :upyeah:
  17. Cheers, I’ll look out for those mirrors.
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