Comms Between Car And Bike (interphone)

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  1. Sounds weird doesnt it but theres the mate wants to have a comms system on his lid but chat to his other half in her i was thinking....Interphone f5mc (what ive got) and then modding the other one for the car - - along the lines of cutting the speakers and putting a headphone jack on the end and then plugging it in to the auxiliary in the car so the speakers are the car speakers and then using the mic supplied....anyone done that?
  2. Why doesn't he just use the intercom and hands free with their phones?
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  3. Well, he could but you'd be dependant on the phone signal then and also the amount of minutes - if there were to stay in close proximity then its just a comms line between the two...
  4. Exactly that. I have a Scala system, bluetoothed to my phone. My missus has her phone bluetoothed to the car. Job's a good'un.

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  5. And what happens if you loose your signal? - my point is if theyre out in the middle of nowhere they can chat, no cost, no need for mobile network...
  6. If you lose signal, it's usually in the rural areas with nice twisty roads. Then you don't have to talk to your missus and can go hard at the bends [emoji6] win win!

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  7. Yeah - but in all fairness when i have a natter with my mate on the way home from another site i go along the a27 from Worthing, up the m3 and along the m4 - in that time i loose signal all the time...a comms to comms solution would be way better...
  8. I have a cable for the Interphone , I think mines an f4 model , that includes a jack for a normal phone headset connection
    probably one available for the f5 ?
  9. Yes their is... Not sure if it cuts off the speakers... Gonna have a play later.

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  10. image.jpeg
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  11. Is she following him then? Have to be within a few hundred meters to work effectively don't they?
    Another vote for the phone. She can always call him back if call drops :)
  12. Distance between me and my mate is about 1/4 of a mile so not too bad...

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  13. What do you all have to talk about?... I tend to be concentrating on the riding part. Also, if he hates his wife so much he won't travel in the same car as her, why does he want to talk to her?! ;)
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  14. CB radios, and a massive "twig" on the boot lid. Job done, '83 style.
  15. She's carrying his phone and wallet as his leathers are so snug? She's got paddock stands and tyre warmers in the boot for when he stops for a cappuccino?
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