Considering Moving Away From The Smoke For Retirement - Requesting Advice And Discussion

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  1. He does have nice clothes and he's slim, so may be.
  2. Talking about me again!! It must be love.:heart:
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  3. Yep, this will be the last time I (we?) move.

    A large garden is a concern of mine, but not hers.
    We'll get a gardener to help if required.

    A holiday caravan park is fine, just not Pikeys.... I'm getting too old to fight or go to prison for shooting them, best just to avoid.

    Wales is considerably more expensive on the Stamp duty front.
    Purchase Price £950K
    Wales LTT Tax: £56,200 , Effective Rate 5.92%
    England it's Stamp Duty: £38,750 ,Effective Rate 4.08%

    The black n white house, was more where they are than the actual houses, the villages and near by.
    And NO, I don't want to do up the main house, may be the out buildings.

    Thanks for the questions and insight
  4. Out of town normally means oil tank and septic tank, especially with period house. Everything we looked at before 1930 seemed to be in Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, forest of dene type areas
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  5. Check out escape to the country side today they were viewing properties in Herefordshire up to £800k
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  6. Watch out for pre 1930 houses with extensions. Many pre 1930's had no foundations and were simply built brick onto compacted mud. If they then in later life had an extension which was given a foundation, you get house movement that will lead to underpinning on the remainder of the old part of the house. We had this problem as it was prevelent in Norfolk but we knew this so paid for a top shit survey.

    Also if an older house with a cesspit system made of brick, this would have been made for the size of the house at the time of the build. Long before showers, dishwashers, washing machines, en suites and if the house has been extended too, will not have the capacity to cope with an old house extended and modern use so either budget in or get money off for a larger modern system or be prepared to pay 2-3 times a year to be sucked out because the chances are the drain away pipes are blocked too.
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  7. I like a challenge, and you forgot to mention "within reasonable riding distance to Benson" ;)
    Then just put up one of those lovely Oak Car port with bedroom/office/mancave above and your sorted and close to family.
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  8. Bit small.....:p
    Even if I moved to Cornwall then Benson is but a short Mutley trip away....:innocent:
  9. Our current house is early 1800's, so we've a similar issue with no foundations, damp course or a cavity.:mad:
    Probably only get tuppence ha'penny for it.:yum

  10. Few quick comments........

    1. Where near Whitby?
    2. Define “posh”
    3. Having gone through this process for the past 12 months your requirements are a tad ambitious. You will have more luck platting fog than getting all the things you’ve specified. You will have to compromise. A lot.
  11. will you be joining the local community council AC? will you be blocking every attempt the locals make to develop their area and attract young families just so as you can have a lil peace and quiet? even if it means the local shop, nursery and school is forced to close because old buggers from london want to turn their home, into your retirement village?.
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  12. My mate moved to France (Creuse) many years ago.
    He renovated the property and used it a b&b

    Now for sale, as he want a place with a fishing lake.
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  13. Paul, surely you won’t have to go near the top of your budget. Sounds a lot to me.
    I think a big garden becomes a curse too.

    Also obvious things to avoid, busy road, backing onto or even near railway tracks and flight paths. Even small airfield flight paths.

    I’ve always loathed bungalows until I started renovating them. Now I really like them.
    In time any steps around or in the house become a curse. I’ve seen it and been told about it.

    Personally, I’m off to Spain. Weathers much nicer, roads much better, wine and food much cheaper.
    What more could you ask?
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  14. I know so :eyes:
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  15. :):upyeah:
  16. Bit small? This will keep the bikes, satisfy all mancave needs and guest room suite....
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  17. AC would you build your own home? if you found a plot of land in the country
  18. Yep, coz it’s full of Brits trying to live the Peter Mayall dream.
  19. SW Ireland
  20. Seriously @AirCon when I get 30 mins I’ll write my experiences of a)retiring and b)retiring moving out of London to another country. In short I don’t regret it for one moment.
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