Considering Moving Away From The Smoke For Retirement - Requesting Advice And Discussion

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  1. Am I sensing some deep dislike for our retirement home in the country plans Fin?
    Who hurt you.... was me?
    Yes, good idea Fin..... I'll add that to my notes section....
    Form local Nazi party or con club, organise NIMBIES.
    You've a knack for this sort of thing; should get into UK politics, we could all learn a lot.
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  2. Look forward to it.
  3. Did a 10 day holiday, pre a wedding in Cork.... fantastic country.
    Used to work with Telecom Éireann out of Sandyford back in the 90's.
    Bit wet there....
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  4. 1. Egton, first big house on the right as you come in from Whitby or Middlesbrough (where she insisted we went shopping one Christmas, I'm scared for life).
    2. Nice village, three pubs and people with money, well more money that whitby. Haven't been back for 20 years.
    3. With the help of the Forum I think it's achievable, I've found plenty that meet my criteria already. Just doing due diligence with my peer group.
    After some fog knitting I came up with a few we like.

    Been reading your trials in various threads with much interest.
    What are the best websites for property?
    Zoopla and rightmove?
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  5. No..... I work with tradesmen every day of the week..... money grabbing bunch...:yum
    I'd be the very worst customer ever.o_O
    For example I've a roof wood worker I've know for a few years.... keeps promising to help with a flat roof..... so unreliable. ... can't get of bed most days due to red wine overload.:eyes:
  6. Love that... ideal. .. needs to loose the oversized litter box out front.
  7. Living under the flight path for 25 years I worried I might miss it.... we are 11 seconds from touch down on 27L .... luckily 09R isn't used very often.
    I'll add the others to my check list.
    I'm prepared to down size or spend it all for the right place.....
    We are both unsure that we want to live abroad. Since we've never had holidays in Europe or the Med together, it's something we've agreed to do as we get older.
  8. I could always get a small holiday home....:yum
    At the last BBQ we booked a couple of days there to have a look around at property.
    Sadly Emma broke her shoulder and was unable to travel.:worried:.
    Now you've reminded me I'll add to our last of let's check it out.:kissing_heart:
    Are the neighbours nice?:eyes:
  9. We used Rightmove. It seemed to have the most choice.

    Things have certainly changed contractually in the 16 years since we last moved. There is definitely more arse covering by the solicitors and the builders, and I get that. But why can’t all the legal stuff be written in English? You’d have half a clue as to what was being asked of you.

    Also the fact that in England and Wales the deal isn’t done until the money is paid on completion is a right royal pain as you’re never sure if it’ll happen until then. That’s where the Scottish system wins hands down!

    Removal companies have also tightened up. We’ve had 3 surveys done. Each want 25-30% deposit with order, which is ok I guess. But where it’s changed is that if you change the date (or cancel) within a week of your planned moving date then you lose the whole deposit, which will be around £500 in our case. If you change the date you lose the deposit and have to re-book/pay again.
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  10. you probably are, but that would be the paranoia... :upyeah:
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  11. ????? should I be worried by this post?
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  12. I'll move me self.... own vans, drivers and labour.
    Enough people owe me favours.
    Thanks for the heads up on the deposit for the moving companies.

    When I bought our place here the old lady refused to move out, after we had paid!!!
    .... took two weeks of wrangling to get her out.

    You don't get deeds anymore... just an electronic serial number.... I liked reading all the history on ours.
  13. Brilliant, thanks...

    How's this for a man cave....

    Comes with a nice home...
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  14. Some great properties there AC. I like No1 as it needs work and you can set your own stamp on it. If you buy a property with an annex I believe the stamp duty can be less and not all solicitors know this. You might get stuck for two lots of council tax as well so worth checking.
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  15. Brilliant.... I'll look into this.
    Unfortunately the only two solicitors I used to use aren't available.
    One's inside and the other is on the run......
    Playing it close to the line is good, however I think these two fell over it.
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  16. My advice would be the south of spain for the winter months then here from spring onwards.
    A supermoto down there and ducatis here.
    Stay away from the coast and have a lovely life.
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  17. I've just spent all morning reading this whole thread as I quit my job on the 10th of December 2018. I am 56. Left school at 16, did 10 years in the RAF, been driving trucks for the last 28 years, so done a lot of time away from home. Settled down in Lossiemouth N/E Scotland, love it here. Got married in 1985 to Dawn. ( Still happy ). We had two daughters who are both working and have got their own places so we now have a 5 bedroom house to sell. We went to Aragon for the MotoGP last year and on the way back decided to sell the house and down size. I said I would work until I was 60, I used to enjoy the trucks, but our company was bought over a year ago and I just didn't like working for the new lot. Obviously all the other drivers didn't to as I'm the last one to leave. I would like to retire now but until the house sells I need some money coming in as we still have a small amount to pay on the mortgage. But I have not been bored at all in the four weeks I've been off.
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  18. Who's moving house?
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  19. Everybody it seems, people used to create kids in november/december, now they get old and simply move houses :D
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