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Copied From 999 (possibly)

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Charles Hunt, Sep 27, 2021.

  1. Way back in 1988 or thereabouts I travelled 1,000 miles in a day, (mostly on a GoldWing) to end up at the Ducati factory, and was rewarded with a short ride on the then new 906 Paso. With mortgage paid, family reduced, light aircraft sold, it seemed time for a bit of motorcycling nostalgia. (To be continued when my computer or the internet stops playing up..........)
    But wait, a year or so later the 907 was introduced with fuel injection - but never buy the Mark I of anything, and do I really want 30 year old Italian Electrics? There was only one advertised in the UK, and I couldn't get a response from adverts in Italy. For the same money c£6.5k I could get a more modern 848. There was one for sale nearby but at 6'6" my knee fouled a raised edge on the edge of the fairing. The internet says a 999 is more spacious. A monoposto in the West Country was a non-starter (almost literally) so last Friday I got the 6am train to the North-East, and returned home 361 miles and 13 hours later with a 2004 biposto. Despite doing my best to get a genuine S, she seems a bit of a mongrel, very definitely Ohlins forks up front but a Showa at the rear, and base model steering damper. Journey south was horrible with traffic jams and queues (thankfully not me) for fuel to spoil the fun. Legs were nice and warm, everything else hurt. I'd like to find out more, but I can't buy any fuel.............
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  2. Greetings!

    Pics or didn't happen!
  3. Nice intro - welcome on board!
    Got that Lido sorted yet?
  4. Welcome and enjoy
  5. Welcome to the forum.:)
  6. That's some long first date, welcome to the forum and pictures if you please.
  7. Welcome to the forum, from a fellow 999 owner:)

    Oh and sorry, not sure I understand your thread title.

  8. We like pictures especially your rubbish bins :D
    You can include your mongrel should you wish

    welcome into our mad house
  9. Thanks all.

    Pics? Like from a camera into a computer and then onto here? Could take a while. Arrived home low on fuel, went out in the dark this morning to try find fuel and failed so she won't be coming out into the light at the moment.

    Saltdean Lido pool is fine now, but saving the building seems a fools errand to me. It should just be demolished and if desired rebuild a facsimile out of better materials.

    Thread title was a (probably) mangled attempt at an Italian translation of Geriatric Logic as to how an overgrown 65 year old with a bad back ends up buying a 17 year old motorcycle with a plank for a seat.
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