Corbyn : No Respect?

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by bradders, Sep 15, 2015.

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  1. I suspect he will be the gift that keeps on giving to the Conservatives.

    Apparently he will not be regularly doing PMQs.When asked why he said because he would "not be very good at it " :)
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  2. i wouldn't read to much in to it. i remember the daily mail headline accusing sturgen of disrespect by scowling at camorron at the cenotaph during armistice day. tossers.
    yip a rod for their own back.
  3. " secrets " ?? like how the queen and the ruling classes use, exploit and sacrafice the rest for their own selfish benefit ?????:Banghead:,,, rock on Jeremy
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  5. yip, a time and a place.
  6. Thats no secret.

    Where the hidden base of the materminds behind isis are, their plans and the SAS plans to take them out,nthats a secret. One that Corbyn would quickly go running to 'british citizens' with?
  7. are you jokin,, the sas cant look at the I$I$ ...
  8. Er... since when is it obligatory to sing the national anthem?
    Funny how nobody makes a fuss when it's the England kickball squad...

    Besides, if you read what he actually said...
    “My mum served as an air raid warden and my dad in the Home Guard. Like that whole generation, they showed tremendous courage and determination to defeat fascism.
    "The heroism of the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain is something to which we all owe a enormous debt of gratitude.
    “The loss of life – both civilian and military – should be commemorated so that we both honour their lives and do all that we can to ensure future generations are spared the horrors of war.”

    Doesn't sound like he's got no respect to me.
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  9. oohhh errrr,,,there are still some dynasours around,, masquareding as biggles ;)
  10. C'mon, he is aiming to be head of our country and lead us into the future. Sometimes we all have to do things we find uncomfortable.

    Bet he'd happily shake hands with the head of Hisbola?!
  11. The national anthem is a disgrace, and disrespects the scots.

    National Anthem of England, Britiain, UK

    The windsor family have married religion & belief from the people into been fooled into preaching & praising them that they are anointed by 'god' & are a chosen family too be cruel or kind to any & all people around the world. For profit or genocide; these royal elite need lynching for crimes against humanity frankly. If only we could have a republic & assign these relics to a tourist amusement park but they currently own huge swathes of land & property & have again made there financial affairs a secret that the public cannot be informed about.
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  12. i imagine that it is a bit diff to lead a dynasour like you.... ( bit like hearding cats )
  13. Bah.

    Everyone knows that "God Save The Queen" is a direct rip-off of that very lovely anthem, "My Country 'Tis Of Thee".
    Britain needs to get a tune of its own.
  14. y
    dont wast your time mate,, we already have ours..:)
  15. I didn't know that :)
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  16. they call it paradise,
    i dont know why,
    they laid the mountains low,
    while the towns get high..
  17. Wrap it up in whatever jingoistic and racist SNP way you like. The vote was to stay in. The NATIONAL anthem is what it is. He is not some pleb like you matey, he's a potential leader of this country.

    Certain things are expected. This is one of them.
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  18. Can't be. The tune for God Save the King/Queen originated in medieval English plainchant. As a patriotic song it has been attributed to John Bull around 1615 although that is uncorroborated. The definitive version printed under the composer's name was an arrangement by Thomas Arne which was written and received its first public performance in 1745.
    In 1804 Beethoven wrote a fine set of variations on the tune for piano and called the piece "Variations on God Save the King" (He also wrote a set of variations around the tune of Rule Britannia. Both pieces are inventive and entertaining and anything but dirge-like). Samuel Francis Smith used the tune as a setting for the words of his song My Country Tis of Thee in 1831.
    The origin of the song is unquestionably English and both the words and tune that we know as God Save the Queen pre-dates the American song by several centuries.
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  19. you seem to revert into you old boring mantra,,, wake up,, grow up,,or shrivel away,, pref the latter ;)
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